Discover the 10 best web tools for 2016

New prototyping tools are popping up left, right and centre – so how do you know which ones are worth exploring? Well, the net team has done all the hard work for you and reviewed the top 10 design tools so you can choose the right one for you in 2016.

Discover which prototyping tool is worth your time in 2016

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What do Star Trek and Minority Report have to do with product design? More than you might think. In the spirit of future-gazing, the team asked Andy Budd to shed some light on the growing trend of design fiction: using ideas from science fiction to inspire your designs and create the products of the future.

Andy Budd explores how we can build the products of the future

In the Projects section, ZURB's Geoff Kimball introduces Motion UI – a Sass library for creating custom CSS transitions and animations – and shows you how to combine it with the new Foundation 6 to animate your designs.

Animate your designs with Foundation 6

The team also show you how to design interactive maps with Leaflet, design sites that work for a global audience, and create storyboards to plan and comunicate animation ideas.

With all the new tools available, are web designers becoming obsolete?

Eric Meyer explores the vital importance of considering crisis cases when designing

Get started with ECMAScript 6 right now

Explore animation concepts with storyboards

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