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3 can’t-miss design icon deals

Icons can make or break the look of your design, so having the right look for these small but eye-catching assets is important. You can pick up thousands of great icons right now in these awesome icon bundles!

The Noun Project has over 430,000 royalty-free icons that are ready and waiting to be used in just about any design project. You can score a two-year subscription to the incredible collection on sale now for 79% off the retail price!

Some people spend years amassing their design asset collection. You can get yours in a single purchase with the Giant Design Asset and Vector Bundle. Valued at nearly $3,000, you’ll pay just $69 (approx. £52)!

Mobile apps are recognized by their icons, so you know just how important having icons for Android and iOS can be. Get over 2,000 icons optimized for the latest versions of iOS and Android, on sale now for 74% off the retail price!