Forget Cyber Monday, who's going halfsies on this ridiculous £10,000 gaming PC?

A Chillblast F1 Icon gaming PC on a red background
(Image credit: Chillblast)

I've spent the last five days diligently looking for, chasing down and sharing what I think are the best and most prudent deals on everything from laptops and charging docks to Switch games, designer PCs and styluses for iPads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in order to make sure that you, our discerning readers, don't get bamboozled by fake offers or bad deals during this all-consuming shopping event.

However, that has all faded into irrelevance now that I found this

Chillblast Icon F1 Water Cooled Gaming PC
Was: £10,000 at Chillblast
Now: Save:

Chillblast Icon F1 Water Cooled Gaming PC
£10,000 at Chillblast
still £10,000 at Chillblast
Save: Well, there is an £80 discount if you use the code CYBER80, but that's irrelevant here, isn't it?

Overview: Dear goodness, where to start. The most powerful gaming PC you'll ever have (until 2032, that is, when this spec will cost about £899), the build probably requires a massive glass-sided, soundproofed case of its own, and your partner will never forgive you for getting one. 

Key features: 64GB RAM | 2x 2TB SSD | AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 24GB GPU | Monitor not included

Price history: Again, irrelevant. 

Price comparison: Only available on Chillblast. 

Review consensus: Couldn't find any reviews of it, so hit me up, Chillblast. Let's try this thing out.

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Erlingur Einarsson
Tech Reviews Editor

Erlingur is the Tech Reviews Editor on Creative Bloq. Having worked on magazines devoted to Photoshop, films, history, and science for over 15 years, as well as working on Digital Camera World and Top Ten Reviews in more recent times, Erlingur has developed a passion for finding tech that helps people do their job, whatever it may be. He loves putting things to the test and seeing if they're all hyped up to be, to make sure people are getting what they're promised. Still can't get his wifi-only printer to connect to his computer.