Just in! Exclusive discount on Scandi-style PCs may be my tech highlight this Cyber Monday

Two Chillblast computers sitting on a wooden desk
(Image credit: Chillblast)

We found it, at last: a tower PC that's actually beautiful. The new Chillblast Hej range, released just a few days ago, takes the now-famous Nordic 'hygge' design aesthetic to three new tower PC models, all with adorably Nordic names too (and I know it's not just the Icelander in me talking, because the rest of the CB team have all made the same swooning noises upon seeing them). 

And to celebrate, we've got an exclusive discount code for you as an early Cyber Monday treat, dear Creative Bloq reader, that knocks £75 off the price of any of the three PCs. Simply apply the discount code CREATIVE75 at checkout. Read on for the full lowdown on the kit, which I have to admit looks absolutely gorgeous (but has some serious power on the inside too).

Chillblast Hej PC range
Was: £1549.95
Now: Save: CREATIVE75

Chillblast Hej PC range
from £1549.95
from £1,474.95 at Chillblast
Save: $75 with discount code CREATIVE75

Overview: A tower PC that's made to look beautiful. The AMD-powered Ren and Fika can accommodate a processor up to AMD Ryzen 9 7950X and up to a GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card, while the Hygge has a latest-gen Intel Core processor and can fit the monstrously powerful GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. All models come with at least 32GB RAM.

Key features: Nordic design | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards | 3.5GHz processors and up| At least 32GB RAM | Windows 11

Price history: These are brand-new products, and the £75 discount (using code CREATIVE75) is exclusive to Creative Bloq readers, so we can confidently say you won't have seen it cheaper elsewhere.

All three models directly reference Swedish language and Scandinavian culture and aesthetics. There's the Hygge, which looks a lot like your 'regular' glass-sided tower PC, but... nice. Then there's the compact Fika, which is Scandi slang for 'coffee and cake break', usually to catch up with a good friend. And then there's the taller Ren (Swedish for 'clean'), a darker, more minimalist build with a fabric-like front, and one that can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

Chillblast's Daniel Grindley talked to us about the uniquely Scandinavian styling: "We felt there was a big space in the market for a focus on aesthetically driven PCs which are built with performance in mind that don’t look out of place in a home environment. This was also influenced by the rise in home interiors and the lack of PCs for all-round use, especially creators."

I can certainly see this being much more appealing to creatives than your usual gaming-focused tower PC, but Grindley assures us that the internals are geared toward everyone who wants a high-performing PC: "These are all-round PCs with a focus on creative industries, however, they are specced to also accommodate and not alienate other users, i.e. gamers, producers, and everyday users."

I must admit, I'm mightily tempted myself. And if you are too, just remember the CREATIVE75 Cyber Monday discount code, exclusive to Creative Bloq readers, if the urge becomes overwhelming.

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