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LIVE: This Cyber Monday, these are the 11 best iPad deals I can find

Whether you want a Pro, Air or Classic, you'll find the best prices here

We know a thing or two about iPads here on Creative Bloq. Not only are they fun to use for whiling away the time, they're also an integral bit of kit for many modern digital creatives out there. That's why we've done our best to find the best bargains on them each Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the best part of a decade. And this year is no different. 

Today we're going to be searching for the best iPad deal for every conceivable user. That means all the deals on the classic iPad, the Pro, the Air, and the mini. So far we've seen some Black Friday deals dip over the weekend, but they have mainly lowered again over Cyber Monday, as retailers like Amazon fire out lightning, time-limited deals to get rid of stock. 

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Best iPad deals in the US

Best iPad deals in the UK

Editor's picks: our top iPad deals

iPad Cyber Monday deals: US

iPad 10th Gen (10.9-inch, 2022)$449 $349 at BestBuy
Save $100

iPad 10th Gen (10.9-inch, 2022): $449 $349 at BestBuy
Save $100
: This iPad is a really nice step up from the 9th gen model – slightly bigger and with zippier performance. It's often discounted to around $399, but this Black Friday iPad deal is the best yer, beating the $379 deal we saw during Amazon Prime Day.

Price check: B&H Photo $399

iPad 9th gen (10.2-inch, 2021)$329 $229 at Amazon
Save $100:

iPad 9th gen (10.2-inch, 2021): $329 $229 at Amazon
Save $100:
I don't know if an iPad will ever be cheaper than this. This is a record saving on the oldest iPad in the range, the 2021 iPad 9th gen, which remains a solid tablet for basic requirements like browsing and entertainment.  Until now, the best price was $249.

Price check: B&H Photo $299

iPad Air (5th gen, 2022)$599 $499 at AmazonSave $100

iPad Air (5th gen, 2022): $599 $499 at Amazon
Save $100: I'd say that the latest iPad Air is the best Apple tablet for most people, since it provides the best balance between power, features and price. You get Apple Pencil 2 support, which is ideal if you want to draw on the tablet. And M1 chip makes it notably more powerful while not quite being a Pro.

Price check: B&H Photo $549 

iPad Pro (M2, 2022): $899 $829 at B&H Photo
Save $70:

iPad Pro (M2, 2022): $899 $829 at B&H Photo
Save $70:
The iPad Pro is not for everyone. If you just browse and watch films, this tablet will be overkill. However, if you're a, well, pro, then this is all the tablet you'll need. And this model has a whopping 256GB SSD. It's actually the best iPad Pro deal that I've seen so far. 

iPad mini (5th gen, 2021)$499 $399 at AmazonSave $100

iPad mini (5th gen, 2021): $499 $399 at Amazon
Save $100: The iPad mini is often overlooked, but it also has Apple Pencil 2 support, and it's more powerful than the 9th-gen iPad, while also being nicely portable. It's easily the most comfortable iPad to use on a train, for example. There are often discounts, so this saving isn't much of a surprise, but it's welcome all the same.

Price check: B&H Photo $469 

Apple Pencil 2$129 $89 at AmazonSave $40

Apple Pencil 2: $129 $89 at Amazon
Save $40: The lowest we've ever seen the higher specced Apple Pencil is $82, but we still think $89 is a deal worth snapping up. There are also smaller savings on the Apple Pencil 1 and the new Apple Pencil USB-C.

Price check: B&H Photo $119

iPad Cyber Monday deals: UK

iPad (9th Gen): £369 £299 at John LewisSave £70:

iPad (9th Gen): £369 £299 at John Lewis
Save £70: The best deal we've found on the 9th generation iPad is available at John Lewis as well as Currys. It saves you £70 off this great tablet (even though John Lewis says it's only £20, it's £70 off the RRP). One to snap up as I can't imagine it dropping any lower.

Price check: Currys £299

iPad (10th Gen): £499 £437 at AmazonSave £62:

iPad (10th Gen): £499 £437 at Amazon
Save £62: This is the best deal we've found on the 10th-gen iPad in the UK. Though this iPad initially confused us with its with its specs, we can't deny how brilliant it is. Sure, it's considerably more expensive than the 9th gen iPad, but it offers improved performance and slightly larger screen, and this record-low price helps a lot.

Price check: John Lewis £479

iPad Air (M1, 2022): £669 £579 at Amazon
Save £90:

iPad Air (M1, 2022): £669 £579 at Amazon
Save £90:
For Apple Pencil 2 support and more power for creative work, there's the latest iPad Air. It's closer than ever to being a Pro thanks to Apple's own M1 chip, and gorgeous Liquid Retina display (see our iPad Air 5 review). This is the cheapest UK price since Prime Day 2022.

Price check: Currys £634 

iPad Pro (M2, 2022): £1,249 £1,179 at Amazon
6% off:

iPad Pro (M2, 2022): £1,249 £1,179 at Amazon
6% off:
If you're looking to do more serious creative work on an iPad, and maybe even use it as a laptop, you're going to want a Pro. They don't often come in for big savings, but Amazon has up to £120 off in its Black Friday iPad sale. The biggest saving is on the 512GB version, which is the one I'd go for if planning to use it for work.

Price check: Currys £1,249 

Apple Pencil 2£139 £89 at AmazonSave £50

Apple Pencil 2: £139 £89 at Amazon
Save £50: This is the lowest price we've ever seen for the Apple Pencil 2, saving you 36% on the RRP. There's also £30 off the Apple Pencil 1, though no savings yet to be seen on the new Apple Pencil USB-C.

Price check: Currys £96

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Deal header image.

iPad Prime Day deals

(Image credit: Apple)

Hello hello! I'm Creative Bloq's deals editor, and I'll be directing my eagle eyes to all the best iPad deals this Cyber Monday. And let's start strong, shall we?! 

Here is, in my opinion, the best Cyber Monday iPad deal in the UK right now: get the iPad 10 for £437 down from £499 over at Amazon

This deal has been around this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. In fact, I first reported on it back on Thursday. And it remains, for my money, the best iPad deal going right now. This model of iPad has been lower though. Back in August, it reached as low £403! However, as I remember, that lasted a matter as days before it went back to its retail price of £499. 

It's on the 10th Gen iPad, which is a really great tablet, and will no doubt appeal to the most amount of people. 

Insight live hub image header.

Astropad Slate; turn iPad into a drawing tablet

(Image credit: Astropad)

A lot of Creative Bloq readers will be creatives and digital artists. So when you find that Cyber Monday iPad deal that suits you, may I suggest you turn your iPad into a drawing tablet?

We had a go on the Astropad Slate app recently, and loved it. It lets you control your Mac using an iPad and Apple Pencil (we've got a good deal on the latter above). 

It's a really simple, useful idea executed excellently... well worth checking out more if you're so inclined. 

Insight live hub image header.

Drawing Desk iPad app; apple pencil 2 and Spider-man

(Image credit: 4Axis Technologies / Marvel / Future)

Staying in the digital art vein, here's another iPad app that we've had hands-on experience with that we really liked. 

The Drawing Desk art app is all about art. But more specifically, it's about learning about art. Another cracking, simple idea that we're shocked hasn't been done before. 

And in the latest version, the app teamed up with Marvel to offer step-by -step tutorials on drawing, colouring, and shading. 

This is really very cool.

Deal header image.

Searching through all the iPad deals that I can find this morning, not much has changed. All the best deals I can find are detailed above... 

So may I direct you to a broader Apple-themed live hub? Our Cyber Monday Apple deals is actually taking a rest for a while, but pretty much all the deals that we detail are still live. Handy if you want to grab a MacBook, Apple Pencil, AirPods Pro or more this Cyber Monday. 


So, you've decided to buy yourself a brand new iPad this Cyber Monday? Good for you! Now, you do know that Apple is going to launch a whole load of new iPads next year, right?! 

Well, this is just a rumour. And a pretty wild one at that. But certainly worth noting to an audience hungry for a brand new Apple tab. But if this does happen, what will change? Well, the new iPads will probably have a new list of features, and come with new (high) price tags. But that would also, probably, mean price reductions on the current iPad range. 

So is it worth waiting until next year to make your iPad purchase, or should you buy this Cyber Monday? Well, only you can answer that... I will say that iPads retain their price pretty well. So if you are eager to get an iPad now, you can always then sell it and get the new one next year... that is, if this new range materialises. 

Insight live hub image header.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra product photo

(Image credit: Basil Kronfli)

OK, I get that you're all after an iPad. Of course you are! They're fantastic, beautifully design tablets that make for great creative tools... but they're not the only option. 

I can hardly believe I'm saying this – on our iPad-specific deals page – but there are some excellent iPad alternatives out there, especially if you're a Windows fan. 

Read our article on the best... then be sure to come back here and buy an iPad anyway! Thanks. 


The iPad Air, Pro and standard iPad in a row.

(Image credit: Future)

Now that I've got that anti-iPad filth out of the way... let me give you a list of aaaaalll the iPads out there (well, all the ones that are still worth buying). 

This is our iPad generations list, a good resource if you have a few minutes to look at the current range of iPads in more depth, and in historical context. You'll see the most recent models, of course, but also the previous generations that we still think are a good buy. I'll be looking at for deals on these models in particular moving forward. 

Deal header image.

Deal update: An iPad Pro bundle that was available through John Lewis has just gone out of stock. However, there's an option to offer your email to get notifications when it's available again, so hopefully that's not the last you'll see of it this Cyber Monday. 

The deal was the 11-inch iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2. I'll update here when it comes back... 

Opinion live hub image

iPad Pro vs iPad Air

(Image credit: Future/Apple)

Hello iPad fans! This is Rosie Hilder, Creative Bloq's deputy editor, taking over from Beren while he goes on lunch. 

I'm the proud owner of an 2021 iPad Pro (11-inch, thanks for asking) and I've just got a brand new iPad in the form of a 2022 iPad Air. Let me tell you that the iPad Air is just gorgeous, after just one day I am hooked. Although so far I haven't really been able to tell the difference between the Air and my older Pro. I'll keep you posted once I test it out some more. In the meantime, if you're oscillating between two iPads, you may want to check our iPad Pro vs iPad Air post.

Deal header image.

Apple Pencil (USB-C) and iPad 10th generation

(Image credit: Apple/Future owns)

If you're buying a new iPad, you'll probably want the most obvious accessory, the Apple Pencil. 

There are some decent deals available this Cyber Monday, which I've listed below:

Apple Pencil 2: $129 $79.99 at Amazon

Apple Pencil 1:
$99 $79 at Amazon

Apple Pencil USB-C:
$79 $71.10 at Amazon


Four iPad mini 6th Gen are lined up in a row.

(Image credit: Apple)

The iPad mini is often overlooked, but it's ideal for travel and some artists even prefer having the smaller screen to work with – it just depends on what you want to use it for. It won't have the power to deal with 3D or video editing work, for example. 

If you do fancy it, then it's on offer at Amazon with $100 off right now.

Get the iPad mini (6th gen) for $499 $399 at Amazon

Insight live hub image header.

iPad vs iPad mini

(Image credit: Future)

Staying with the comparison of iPads (see below), here's another great article we written (if I do say so myself) in the comparison between the iPad vs iPad mini

Spoiler! It's not just all about the size!