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Serif's Affinity apps get 30% Black Friday price cut – and now support M1 Macs

Affinity Photo

The offer includes all Affinity software, plus brush and font packs (Image credit: Affinity )

We've already seen tons of Black Friday deals on hardware, from MacBooks to games consoles, but there are also some brilliant offers to be found on creative software. Serif has announced a massive 30% discount on its entire suite of Affinity apps – and it comes just as they've been updated to get the most out of Apple's new M1 Macs.

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are a popular choice among creatives, the latter maintaining a top spot in our round up of the best digital art software. And this Black Friday sale covers both of these as well as everything else in the Affinity Store, including several art brushes and font packs. (And if you're in the market for an M1 Mac, the brand new MacBook Pro just got a totally unexpected Black Friday price cut.)

There's never been a better time to try out Affinity's creative apps, with Serif promising that the native versions for the incredible new M1 Macs will allow users of Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher "to do more, faster". Indeed, we were blown away by the speed of Photoshop for M1, and it sounds like the Affinity suite could be just as spectacular.

"Mac customers with M1 can expect a more responsive user experience with respect to painting, pixel editing, filter effects, document rendering and more," Serif says. “We have seen speed increases of over 3x faster running on the new MacBook Air. It just makes our apps run faster, smoother and feel more responsive than ever before.”

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer running on macOS Big Sur (Image credit: Affinity)

Serif's offering is slightly different to Adobe's Creative Cloud plans, with each Affinity app available as an individual one-time purchase instead of a monthly subscription. Affinity Photo, for example, is reduced from $49.99/£48.99 to $34.99/£33.99 for the desktop version.

If you're ready to try the apps out, you can take advantage of Serif's Black Friday offer at the Affinity Store until 3 November. For the most impressive Affinity experience possible, check out today's best M1 Mac deals below – and don't forget to swing by our Apple Black Friday page for even more incredible offers. 

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