Wait, are Apple's EarPods the new AirPods?

AirPods are brilliant, sure, but they're small and super-easy to lose. Not having the anchor of a wire leaves them ripe for misadventure (I should know, I lost one of mine down a drain). All this is a problem at the centre of a hilarious Twitter thread, which frames the solution as Apple's existing wired EarPods, which could be marketed (as someone put it) as an "iTether for AirPods". Of course, you can't actually plug them into your jackless iPhone but that's so not the point.

The tweet (see it below) sparked a brilliant discussion in which Apple users offer up already-existing solutions to tech-created issues, and share their own AirPod-related woes. If you're really not done with AirPods, see our best AirPods Pro deals page – or read on to find out more.

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"AirPods with strings?" someone commented, tongue in cheek. But given you can actually buy AirPod threads to hold them in place, all of this isn't so ridiculous. The wireless revolution has happened, but we may be about to go full circle trying to solve the problems it presents. 

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Maybe one day they'll actually be able to connect to your iPhone, someone else posed. Imagine that. Though that might cause its own issue. "I need one that has the 3.5 mm, lightning and usb c connectors all coming off the end," commented another Twitter user.

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And the wired version is way less needy, of course, as won't alert you when you get too far away.

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Plus, as we all know, there are times when your AirPod ends up in an unexpected place. Like wedged into the sole of your shoe...

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Or down the back of your shirt as you frantically scramble to find it on a packed train...

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All in all, we think the idea has merit. Wireless tech, with a wire. Perfect. Had a mishap with your tech? Check out what you shouldn't do to solve it, in our 'what not to do' with your Apple tech guide.

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