Get the best AirPods Pro deals: the cheapest prices in March 2024

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Getting the best Apple AirPods Pro deals isn't the easiest thing to do. The popular earbuds have retained their price well since being released in October 2019, and decent deals can come and go in the blink of an eye. That's why we've put together this page that pulls all the best cheap AirPods Pro deals into one place, no matter where you are in the world. 

The noise-cancelling AirPods Pro retail at $249/£239, and to be honest, we think they're worth every penny. But thanks to the recent release of the AirPods 3 (not noise-cancelling), and the AirPods Pro three year life span, we've been seeing plenty of great AirPods Pro deals recently. 

Of course, these are the first Gen models, but there are also the second Gen available – for that check out our page on the lowest AirPods Pro 2 prices. We've also got a page dedicated to the best places to get the Apple AirPods Max cheap.

The best cheap AirPods Pro deals

AirPods Pro

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AirPods Pro: price

The active noise-cancelling Apple AirPods Pro retail at $249/£239 over at the Apple website, where you get six months of Apple Music for free with your purchase, but we've seen brand new AirPods Pro go for as little as $169/£160 at retailers like Amazon. Considering that's the retail price of the non-noise cancelling AirPods (3rd Gen), it's a great price to be snapping them up. 

AirPods Pro: features

The active noise-cancelling is the standout feature on the AirPods Pro. Their sleek design is also stunning, and they come with a MagSafe charging case that snap the earbuds safely inside the case magnetically. The battery life is really great too, somewhere around the 20/24 hours mark, using the fully charged case (or 4 hours on a single charge out of the case). And when the battery is getting low? You get a notification sent to your iPhone. And of course, you can use Siri with the AirPods Pro with a simple 'hey Siri' command.

Why are AirPods Pro often cheaper on Amazon?

Having looked around for AirPods Pro deals all over the internet for a couple of years now, we can confidently say that the majority of great deals come from Amazon. That's not to say that you won't find cheap AirPods Pro deals at Best Buy or Walmart. But as we type, the best deal on the AirPods Pro is over at Amazon, currently close to the record low, at $189/£180. 

What are the AirPods Pro cheapest price?

The lowest price for brand new AirPods Pros that we've seen is $169 in the US and £160 in the UK. That was around Black Friday 2021, and the deal didn't last very long. 

As of Christmas 2021, the best AirPods Pro deals are $189.99/£180, but the majority of retailers with stock are offering the noise-cancelling earbuds closer to the $200/£200 mark. 

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