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Get Apple AirPods Max cheap in May 2022

airpods max cheap: Woman listening to AirPods Max
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It's been a while, but today we can confidently say that you can buy the Apple AirPods Max cheap (with a little help from this page). Apple released its first over-ear headphone back in late 2020 to much hype and anticipation, and it wasn't long before a consensus settled – the Apple AirPods Max were beautifully made and sounded amazing... but how much did they cost?! 

As we explain in our in-depth AirPods Max review, these are clearly the best sounding Apple headphones in existence, and there's an argument for of all time. The sound quality is universally praised, as is their cutting edge noise-cancelling, which easily rivals the industry-leading Sony WH-1000XM4s. 

But there's no getting away from the fact that the price tag is a lot steeper than the competition. The current record lowest AirPods Max that we've seen in the US is $350 (though that was a super rare deal that lasted barely a day). In the UK the cheapest AirPods Max has been £370. That would be massive discounts on any Apple product under a year old.

Below you will find the AirPods Max cheapest prices on the internet. We pull in the lowest prices from hundreds of online retailers, so have a look and bookmark this page if you want to get cheap AirPods Max. Want more Apple deals? Check out our page that pulls all the best AirPods Pro deals into one place. 

The full range of AirPods colours

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Are the Apple AirPods Max worth it?

If you're an Apple die-hard fan, you won't need much persuading. They are, by far, the best Apple headphones around, and they fit effortlessly in the Apple ecosystem. They also happen to sound utterly beautiful! If you're not an Apple-muncher and need convincing, here's what we think... 

Compared to the industry-leading noise-cancelling headphones that we have hands-on tested and reviewed, the AirPods Max rank right at the top on many criteria, and very high in others. The areas that they lead on are the sound quality, design and noise-cancelling. They sound better than any other headphone this reviewer has used – deep and rich in their sound balance and expansive and natural and more dynamic than the competition. They look beautiful, are made with top quality materials and fit comfortably with long use. The noise-cancelling is arguably better than the other leading option, the Sony WH-1000XM4s – that is to say, exceptional. 

Where it's not all gravy is the AirPods come with a fairly, well, weird case. It does little to protect the actual headphones, and after some back and fore with Apple, it's becomes clear that they don't actually turn the headphones 100% off. That means that if you leave your AirPods Max lying around for a while, don't expect them to be battery full when you pick them up. However, the battery is good, and charging to full happens quickly, so this may not be a deal-breaker.

The final gripe is the retail price, but as you will see, that may no longer be an issue.

How much are the AirPods Max?

How much are the AirPods Max?

The Apple AirPods Max went on sale in December 2020 for $549/£549: considerably more expensive than the other noise-cancelling, over-ear headphone competition. However, we've seen them sell for $350 in the US and £370 in the UK (though stock does not last long). Usually they sell for around $460 and £429.

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