Create creepy Halloween carvings with these pumpkin stencils


Along with dressing up as monsters and eating more sweets than you probably should, carving a pumpkin is one of Halloween's main events. And while some people are skilful enough to make their pumpkins optical illusions that border on trompe l'oeil, it's no secret that some people struggle with the task.

Luckily the team at Real Simple are here to help with a collection of Halloween stencils that are sure to transform your pumpkins into petrifying powerhouses. Simply print them off, cut out the black areas, then stick them onto your pumpkins as a guide.

Once you've carefully used a knife to carve out the negative space on the stencil, simply pop in a candle and your pumpkin is ready to terrify kids of all ages.

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Scare people to the bone with a skull design
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This bat design uses a lot of cut out negative space
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Look familiar? This witch's cat is a Halloween design favourite
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Give your street that cemetery look with this headstone stencil
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This design is sure to terrify arachnophobes
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Witches on broomsticks are one of the most popular Halloween mascots
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The classic toothy grin, pumpkin designs don't get more iconic than this