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Flip phones vs iPhones video is the funniest thing you'll see all day

flip phone song
(Image credit: LOLNEIN)

Flip phones went away for a long time, leaving flat smartphone design to reign supreme. The current obsession with digital design and digital content has meant that it's now a flat, edge-to-edge screen that's hungered after, while more tactile design has been left by the wayside – including the once-popular flip phone. If you miss the days when more functional design was hot property, this hilarious animated music video is for you.

It's a witty song, with a clear message: the digital revolution may be now, but industrial design has the real chops – and it will rise again. With animation containing brilliant character design and retro graphics, it's definitely worth a watch, and maybe even an inclusion in our top animated music videos list. 

Created by artist LOLNEIN, the video stars the humble flip phone, which takes centre-stage (literally). We're not hugely surprised, to be honest. We've been predicting the comeback of the flip phone for a while now, as our best flip phones roundup shows. The music video also features a cast made up of a cafetiere and a book (among many others). Watch it below.

A sometimes grumpy and sometimes terrified flat smartphone is taunted by the flip phone and its friends, as they sing "can you do this?" and perform their unique actions (flipping closed, moving up and down and so on – all things alien to current on-trend phone design). The cast of characters sing amusing burns like "your apps are puny, my abs are large" (abs being its sizeable, physical buttons), ripping the flat phone over its tendency to overheat and short battery life, while it looks on in dismay.

The repeated refrain of "can you do this?" is also apt given the trials facing phone producers as they battle to combine the the ability to flip your phone closed with the hunger for smooth, hinge-free screens – something that hasn't been easy to achieve so far. Even this stunning iPhone folding concept sidesteps the issue. 

If all this has left you hankering for a flip phone, see today's best deals below, or see our best smartphones buying guide for more options.

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