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Genius Nintendo Switch controller concept needs to become a reality

Last week saw the release of the Nintendo Switch, a new console with an experimental design that blurs the lines between handheld and console devices. With controls that can be snapped onto the side of a portable screen, users can take their games out and about or plug them into the their TVs and play at home.

This is just the kind of innovative product design we've come to expect from Nintendo, a company which has consistently delivered new ways to play games. Following the likes of the wildly successful Nintendo Wii, and the signature two screen set up on the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Switch promises to deliver unique gameplay. But one Reddit user has taken the concept one step further.

Posted by creator Ryan Salamander, these Nintendo Switch concepts give the basic controllers a creative edge.

The controllers have adapted to fit different functions.

The controllers have adapted to fit different functions.

Considering that the controllers can be used independently or plugged directly into a screen or console, it makes sense that these peripherals are mini versions of popular designs. There's a trigger based controller, perfect for shooting games, while retro classic Pokemon Snap gets a look in with a photography themed set up, complete with a winding wheel.

Old Nintendo consoles are also referenced with a controller that uses the Game Cube as inspiration. A fishing controller and a spinning disk light up button completes the set of concepts.

These designs have already gone down a storm with Nintendo gamers, especially those who seemed less than impressed with the official Nintendo Switch controllers. And seeing as Nintendo like to take risks and create crazy peripherals (Virtual Boy, anyone?), maybe it's not too much of a leap to imagine these creations hitting the shelves soon?

Dom Carter
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