An invisible sculpture has just sold for $18,000

Invisible sculpture
(Image credit: Salvatore Garau on Instagram)

We thought the art world had done it all when that banana was taped to a wall. But the trend of slightly bizarre sales has just gone one step further by an invisible sculpture, which has sold for... wait for it... $18,300. You may want to read that again. An invisible sculpture. $18,300. 

This mind-blowing project (which needed none of our essential art techniques whatsoever) was the brainchild of 67-year old Italian artist Salvatore Garau. Entitled 'Io Sono', or 'I am', the invisible piece was initially put up for auction at between $6000 and $9000. However, the price was actually raised after a flurry of initial bids. We certainly admire the confidence of the artist, that's for sure.

Invisible sculpture

Contemporary artist Salvatore Garau created the piece (Image credit: Salvatore Garau)

According to, the artist is philosophical about the piece, asserting that it is not simply nothing, but a vacuum. "The vacuum is nothing more than a space full of energy, and even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that 'nothing' has a weight," Garau said. "Therefore, it has energy that is condensed and transformed into particles, that is, into us."

But any aspirational city-dwellers hoping they'd finally found a piece of art to fit into their teeny flats will be disappointed as there are very specific instructions about how the sculpture should be displayed – and it needs a bunch of space. About five foot by five foot, to be exact. But those living in low-light or humid conditions needn't worry as it doesn't have any specific lighting or climate requirements. 

Garau posted a picture of the sculpture to his Instagram page, demonstrating how easy it is to install the piece in multiple locations. See it below in sit, where it exists in 'air and spirit'.

The lucky buyer gets a certificate of purchase... and that's it. At least there won't be delivery costs to worry about. 

So, which story do you like best? The banana on the wall (that is now installed in the Guggenheim, if you missed it) or the invisible sculpture? Both are certainly easy to replicate.

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