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You won't believe how much this bizarre gold bagel sculpture is worth

Bagel emoji + avocado emoji = flying money emoji.
(Image credit: Apple/Future)

Of course, just like any normal person, if we were ever to win the lottery, our first thought would be to buy ourselves a golden bagel. Okay, maybe not – but that hasn't stopped one artist from designing one blingy bagel

That's right, somebody has created a 3D printed bagel made of solid gold, and if you fancied your own pimped-up baked goods, it'll set you back a whopping $2.9M — yikes. (Want to get your hands on your own 3D printer and create your own 3D bagel? Check out the best 3D printers of 2021.) 

Tim Bengal is the artist behind the solid gold snack, and his process is incredibly interesting. It all started with an avocado bagel that was then put through a 3D scanner, and with that data, the artist was able to cast 27 individual pieces of the bagel in 18-carat gold (see them below). The design features 2 halves of a pumpkin bagel, five tomato slices, 10 leaves of arugula, five onion rings and last but not least, five avocado strips. Just one of the golden slices of avocado is worth a ridiculous $14k.

The golden bagel pieces dissected.

The artwork contains 27 pieces  (Image credit: Steffen Jahn)

The bagel will be exhibited in a restaurant called Avocado Club in Berlin, but if you have a spare $2.9M behind the sofa, it's all yours. The title of the immortalised avocado bagel is 'Who wants to live forever', and commemorates the avocado, which Bengal has described in a video as "the symbol of the millennial generation."

The artist received over 300 comments on his video about the bagel and lets just say the reviews are, well, mixed. Some are angered by the piece, with one Instagram user calling the sculpture "just plain silly" and another said "this is not art at all." However, the majority of the comments on Bengal's post were overwhelmingly positive with heart-eye emojis coming from every direction. One Instagrammer called it a "dope piece" and another even asked if they could take a bite (but we can't imagine that would end very well). 

While we can't quite see why anyone would need a solid gold avocado bagel, we do think it's pretty cool — it's certainly a statement piece. If you fancy having a go at making your own bagel-themed art piece (who wouldn't?), then check out our step-by-step guide on how to make a realistic 3D sculpture.

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