Everyone and their mother fell for those AI Katy Perry pics

AI generated picture of Katy Perry at the Met Gala
(Image credit: @STONKS_IU via X)

By now most of us are no strangers to a little AI fakery, but it seems even the stars (or their mothers at least) aren't immune to the trickery of artificial intelligence. Following the recent Met Gala, singer Katy Perry came out to dispel fake images of her attending the event, confessing that even her own mother had fallen victim to the fake pictures.

As we've seen in recent years, AI art generators are getting better than ever. While it's a little dystopian to see how convincing Katy's fake Met outfits were, I feel a little guilty admitting that I prefer the AI-generated creations – at least AI stuck to the theme.

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Natalie Fear
Staff Writer

Natalie is Creative Bloq's staff writer. With an eye for trending topics and a passion for internet culture, she brings you the latest in art and design news. A recent English Literature graduate, Natalie enjoys covering the lighter side of the news and brings a fresh and fun take to her articles. Outside of work (if she’s not glued to her phone), she loves all things music and enjoys singing sweet folky tunes.