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Leaked ads reveal hundreds of Black Friday deals for designers

Leaked ads reveal upcoming Black Friday deals

If you're so excited about Black Friday that you can't even concentrate on anything long enough to work out how many sleeps it is until the big day, then trigger warning: this probably isn't going to help.

But if all you care about is getting the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, then you'll know that for your best shot at scoring a bargain, it helps to have a bit of advance information. And as this post from Forbes reveals, you can already find out what some of the big names have lined up for Black Friday thanks to an ever-growing collection of leaked ads over at

Leaked ads reveal upcoming Black Friday deals: is gathering together the ads you want to see as they leak

The site already has leaked ads from the likes of Target, Staples and even HP, with some great Black Friday laptop deals on display, including $330 off an HP Pavilion Core i7 laptop at Staples, $100 off a PlayStation VR from both Target and Meijer, plus some great offers direct from HP including a limited number of 15t laptops reduced from $1,239.99 to just $499.99, saving you $740.

Leaked ads reveal upcoming Black Friday deals: HP deals

There are some great HP deals lined up, but you'll need to move fast

If you're hoping to snag some early Black Friday Apple deals then you're going to be disappointed for the time being; as yet, there aren't any to be seen, and they're unlikely to surface until much closer to the big day. 

And we've yet to see the Black Friday ads from Best Buy, which are sure to feature a lot of serious deals that you won't want to miss. There are a few Walmart Black Friday deals live already – but no word on iPhone savings yet, so keep an eye out there. 

For now you can check out the ads leaked so far on, read more of our predictions via the posts below and start planning your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy accordingly. Good luck!

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