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Learn how to build a design system from the ground up

If you're familiar with the basics of frontend development and want to take that next step, come to Generate London on 21 September for a workshop with Micah Godbolt, author of Frontend Architecture for Design Systems.

In this all-day event he'll introduce you to the four pillars of frontend architecture – code, process, testing and documentation – as you get hands-on and build a scalable and maintainable design system from the ground up. You'll create consistent methodologies and coding standards for HTML, CSS and JavaScript; discover how to make a fully automated process from the editor to the style guide, to the production environment; develop a full testing suite; and write the documentation to sit alongside it.

Obviously this isn't a workshop for complete beginners; you'll need to be aware of the frontend development basics, and while you won't need to do any actual coding on the day you'll definitely find it helpful to try things out for yourself after each lesson. You should have an understanding of Git and using the command line to set up your local environment, and as you'll be focusing on Node- related tools, having a working Node environment set up on your computer before you come will speed up the process greatly.

As well as Micah's workshop, don't miss his session on Road Runner Rules for design systems

As well as Micah's workshop, don't miss his session on Road Runner Rules for design systems

Over the course of the day you'll learn the role of a frontend architect, the importance of proper coding standards, how to establish them, and how to enforce them, the value of automated testing in all areas of your site, including visual, functional and performance, as well as techniques for creating a streamlined and automated process for turning user stories into deployed frontend code, and tools for creating living, powerful and useful documentation that will be the centre of communication between every member of your team.

You'll be learning from one of the best in the business; as well as authoring Frontend Development for Design Systems, Micah Godbolt is a frontend architect, author, podcaster, trainer and speaker at worldwide open source events, who is often found promoting frontend architecture, Sass, visual regression testing, and schema-based design at his blog,

And to sweeten the deal, you can save 50% on the price of your Generate London ticket in our flash sale on Thursday, 4 August. As well as a whole day of practical workshops, there's also two days of insightful sessions from some of the biggest names in the web business including Jeff Veen, Mike Kus, Ida Aalen and Brendan Dawes, not to mention a session with Micah on Road Runner Rules for design systems.

To find out more, head straight for the Generate London site.

Jim McCauley

Jim McCauley is a writer, cat-wrangler and occasional street performer who's written for a multitude of publications over the past quarter of a century, including Creative Bloq, T3, PC Gamer and a whole load of long-dead print magazines.