This new AI app creates 3D worlds from text prompts

Masterpiece X generate; text to 3D
(Image credit: Masterpiece Studio)

Text-to-3D AI is growing fast. The latest app to launch is Masterpiece X - Generate, and it means anyone can now create and animate 3D models from simple text prompts. You can iterate and build entire worlds using this new tool.

Seeing Masterpiece X - Generate in action is actually very impressive; a simple text prompt creates a 3D model of a spaceman, a further prompt, such as 'retro futuristic', generates detail and then you can assign an AI generated walk animation and more. The same process can be used to generate animals, creatures, foliage, crates, rocks, buildings… an entire world. But who is this particular text-to-3D tool for? 

Masterpiece Studio, the creator of Masterpiece Studio Pro, states its approach to AI is an evolution of its mission, "to create cutting-edge 3D tools that are intuitive" but will "enable and empower more and more people to start creating 3D". This text-to-3D AI works in a browser, even on smartphones, so the barrier to entry of needing an expensive laptop for 3D modelling is gone.

With this in mind two things are clear, Masterpiece X - Generate is targeted at people who have never used a 3D app before, let alone animated a scene or game. It's designed to get people interested in 3D and the process of animation and building worlds. "It’s a new kind of 3D playground," says the team's press release.

For professionals, Masterpiece X - Generate is a new way to prototype and work through ideas. The browser-based AI works with Blender, Unity and Unreal Engine, so a professional pipeline is catered for, but you're not going to create final projects using this tool; Masterpiece X - Generate won't deliver high fidelity, AAA game assets or offer precise control over every detail as a professional would need.

Masterpiece X Generate; text-to-3D Ai

(Image credit: Masterpiece Studio)

What professionals can do is remix and remodel assets generated by the AI, and Masterpiece Studio has a number of apps to do this, such as its Masterpiece X for Oculus Quest 3. The goal is to make iteration easier and quicker but not replace a professional modeller, animator or workflow.

The noise around generative AI is getting louder and recently illustrator Dofresh discovered AI is taking jobs from artists, as feared. So is Masterpiece X - Generate adding to the problem? I would like to think it sits across the line with Adobe, Getty Images and others who see AI as a co-pilot to creativity rather than a way to replace artists, whether that line begins to blur remains to be seen.

You'll need to buy 'credits' to create your AI-made models in Masterpiece Studio X - Generate, and at launch today you can claim 250 credits by setting up an account at the Masterpiece Studio website, and trying the app for yourself.

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Ian Dean
Editor, Digital Arts & 3D

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