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Is this the best error 404 page ever?

A light blue Peugeot 404 car
(Image credit: Peugeot)

We've all been there, you've been looking for a particular webpage for hours and think you've finally found it. You click the link and disaster strikes: ERROR 404: Page Not Found. You vow to never touch the internet ever again. 

It's the page you never want to see while browsing, but Redditors don't seem to mind. A screenshot of Peugeot's light-hearted error 404 message has surfaced on Reddit and it's proving popular. When the Peugeot site crashes, you are greeted by a pun that only a few beady eyed fans would notice. That's right folks, when the webpage can't be found, Peugeot display a photo of its 404 car model. It isn't uncommon for brands to get creative with their error pages, here you can find more brilliant examples of fun error 404 pages

Screenshot of the Error 404 page on the Peugeot website displaying a Peugeot 404 car

Get it? (Image credit: Peugeot)

One user commented on the post that this little touch was a 'design gem' and a 'heart-warming attention to detail.' Many others were quick to compliment Peugeot for featuring one of their most famous models in this way and were praised for doing the old vehicle 'justice'. 

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We love this playful hint to Peugeot's past and as always, we love a good pun! You can indulge yourself in more web design throwbacks on our how your favourite sites would look in the 90's post.

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