Brace yourself Pokémon fans, there's now a real-life Pokédex with ChatGPT

Rea-life Pokedex by abe's projects
(Image credit: Abe's projects via YouTube)

Something amazing has happened. The Pokédex from my childhood dreams has been brought to life. A talented YouTuber has built the world's first Pokédex device that's powered by ChatGPT. It was created with the help of a 3D printer, a tiny camera, a combination of 3D modelling software, a speaker, and a bunch of electronic components. 

As a Pokémon fanatic and someone who has recently delved into the world of 3D printing myself, this is incredibly exciting. If you're not familiar with the Pokédex, it's a key device in both the anime series and Pokémon game franchises that records a database of every Pokémon you encounter and capture on your adventures. 

Youtuber abe's projects has been able to create a real-life Pokédex that can talk, adapting the same voice and resemblance from Ash’s iconic gen-1 device. It can also recognise and identify most Pokemon that are shown to it in various formats, like an image or a physical toy. The device isn't perfect, with a few things that still need smoothing out, but it actually works!

Rea-life Pokedex by abe's projects

(Image credit: Abe's projects via YouTube)

The Pokédex has a very distinctive bright red and rectangular design that was first introduced in the '90s – but has since been given a new iteration in the latest generations, taking the form of a 'Rotom Dex' (an enhanced Pokédex after being possessed by a Rotom Pokémon). 

Okay, stay with me here, if you're not into Pokémon then I know this might just sound like another childish fan project – but the level of planning, detail, and craftmanship that has gone into this build by Abe is very respectable and a game changer for incorporating AI and ChatGPT-4 to power new and exciting tech. 

Abe shows their build from start to finish, including a draft sketch and component breakdown, all the way to the coding stage, problem-solving, and the first test run in the video below. Who's that Pokémon? It's Piplup! (And Raichu). 

This concept isn't exactly new and has been attempted before by other creators. But Abe's model is the first to incorporate AI and ChatGPT, which really sets it apart.

If you're interested in buying something like this (as many YouTube commenters on the video said they are!), then I've found a pretty cool 3D printed Pokédex on Etsy which looks great and talks, although it only works with PokéTags and does not have image recognition, a camera, or any other way to scan. 

Want to save money and print your own Pokédex? See our top 3D printer deals below. 

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