Take your work to new heights with these essential design tools

Designers are packed with creative ideas. Sometimes it just takes the right tool to help bring those ideas to life. Grab these essential design tools that will take your work to the next level and save you tons too!

Hype 3.5 for Mac

Create stylish content for any site with Hype 3.5

Creating animated and interactive web content is a breeze with Hype 3.5 for mac. Quickly create animated HTML5 content that will work easy and look great in any browser on any device.

You can get Hype 3.5 for Mac on sale just $24.99–a 50% savings off the retail price!

Next FlipBook Maker Pro for Windows

Whip up digital books easily with Next FlipBook Maker Pro

Make your PDFs and images come to life as a digital book or magazine with Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac. Produce Flash or HTML 5 flipbooks with customisable templates that are sure to shine.

Next FlipBook Maker Pro is on sale now for 86% off the retail price. That means you pay just $39.99!

StockUnlimited Design Library: 3-Yr Subscription

Get unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of vector assets

StockUnlimited Design Library is stocked with over 600,000 high quality vectors. You can get  an unlimited allotment of downloads, that can be used royalty free for any project.

Get a 3-year subscription to StockUnlimited Design Library on sale for just $39.99. That’s 94% off the retail price!