Hilarious TikToks reveal the emoji designs we need in our lives

Emoji designs
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Emoji designs have to be vetted and approved by the Unicode Technical Committee, which sounds like some shadowy cabal. But while it has strict criteria to decide what gets passed, it can sometimes be swayed by popular campaigns. And some TikTokkers are having a go, proposing some not-entirely serious emoji designs that we never realised we needed. 

But while these new emojis are proposed with tongue firmly lodged in cheek, some of them could actually be useful. So pay attention Unicode, some of these could improve the mobile user experience (see our pick of the best UI design tools to find resources for your own work).


♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

The Unicode Technical Committee meets quarterly to consider possible contenders for new emojis, and it can sometimes be swayed by a convincing argument. The entire population of Argentina and Uruguay managed to get a 'mate' emoji approved back in 2019, so there is hope for popular campaigns.

Following on from her deadpan deliveries of amusing logo redesigns, the TikTokker emilyzugay has now 'designed' a series of emojis that she thinks are missing from our current lexicon for mobile communication, from gravy to chicken wings. Sadly, her proposal for Nicolas Cage emoji is a no-runner from the start since living people, deities and logos aren't accepted. However, crumbs do seem like a very useful emoji to have, perfect for letting someone who's running late know that they've already missed the food at a party.


♬ Jazz(262270) - And More Music

And Emily's not the only TikTokker sharing ideas for emojis that could be useful. whatsyouryat has shared a rundown of 'rejected emoji' designs that's equally fun. We probably don't need a goose experimenting with black magic, to be honest, but I agree that the lack of a bad haircut emoji does seem a glaring omission on the Unicode Technical Committee's part.

These Tiktokker might just need some help from a real UI designer to get their emojis into shape. Sign up for our own UX design course if you want to learn more about UX and UI yourself.

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