Vertex Week: discover your perfect drawing tablet with XP-PEN

Discover your perfect drawing tablet with XP-PEN

XP-PEN’s tablets are affordable, yet strikingly capable.  During XP-PEN’s 16 year progression it’s ‘Artist series’ are the ones that stand out. As XP-PEN’s professional range, the Artist series offers a wide range of screen sizes with varying degrees of express keys, colour gamut, tilt functions, and resolution, depending on the varying degrees of the artist's individual needs and wants. 

For Vertex 2022 - the ultimate event for 2D and 3D artists - illustrator and YouTuber Nadia Axel takes you through how she utilises XP-PEN's tablets to create her own stunning artwork. Watch the video above.

XP-PEN tablets

(Image credit: XP-PEN)

To get the same results, we take you through a number of XP-PEN’s popular Artist range, and hopefully inspire you to seriously consider XP-PEN as a go-to brand for both 2D and 3D artists.

Artist 24 Pro

XP-PEN tablets

Need a big pen display? This one's for you (Image credit: XP-PEN)

Known as the very first 23.8-inch, 2K QHD graphics display -  The Artist 24 Pro at a whopping 2560X 1440  23.8-inches - is a ‘canvas sized’ pen display. With an impressive 90% Adobe RGB, 20 express keys, and double red dials. The stylus sports a 60 degree tilt and a pretty standard 8,192 of pressure sensitivity. Overall it really packs a punch in terms of functionality.

Because of its gigantic size, it’s definitely an investment for those who have the desk space. If that’s you, then you’ll certainly appreciate the laminated anti-glare screen, with that ‘tooth’ that gives that ‘pen on paper feel’ and the accuracy of the stylus whilst drawing. 

Whether you’re drawing, writing, or designing, you can programme the express keys for different programmes and quickly integrate them into your workspace and flow. The tablet also acts as a second monitor, with an attached stand that reaches 90 degrees. 

Artist 22 2nd Gen 

XP-PEN tablets

There's no lag here (Image credit: XP-PEN)

The Artist 22 2nd Gen may be slightly smaller than the above, but its immersive 21.5 inch display, again with an impressive 90% Adobe RGB, is just as impressive. The top boast of this stylish pen display is the 8ms response time. This means no lag, and a smooth drawing experience.

This accuracy makes it very intuitive, and the stylus also has up to 60 degrees tilt functionality, 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, and is battery free. 

The ability to connect your Android device via a USB-C connection is a nice touch, as is the headphone jack, allowing you to immerse yourself on a larger scale via your phone. With a simple USB-C to USB-C, it is easy to connect and install on your desktop. 

Artist Pro 16

XP-PEN tablets

The Artist Pro 16 has a sleek look and feel (Image credit: XP-PEN)

XP-PEN’s Artist Pro 16is a pro upgrade from the popular Innovator 16. This is as sleek as it gets in terms of design,  at 15.6 inches diagonally, it is neither too big, nor too small, and is only 9mm thick. 

The biggest draw here is the X3 smart chip technology - a dramatic upgrade to the performance and structure of the stylus, compared to its predecessors. The pen comes in a beautifully designed metallic sliding case, adding substance to a pen that has a 10-fold increase in sensitivity. 

With 8 customisable shortcut keys, the Artist Pro 16 is no compromise. And, it’s no slouch, either, offering high performance and design at staggeringly good value. 

Artist 12 2nd Gen

XP-PEN tablets

The Artist 12 2nd Gen is portable and powerful (Image credit: XP-PEN)

The Artist 12 2nd Gen is perhaps the smallest of XP-PEN’s Artist series, but size as we all know, isn’t everything. 

An 11.6 inch screen is still nothing to be sniffed at, and offers a portability some of the larger models might lack.  At this size the 1920x1080 HD resolution is punchy, and vibrant, offering a very respectable 94% Adobe RGB. 

The stylus also has the X3 smart chip technology that promises a mere 3 grams of force activation - that means very fine lines with the lightest of touches, and ultimately means your drawing experience is a s close to the real thing as you can get. 

The standard 60 degree tilt and 8129 pressure sensitivity levels also apply here, as does the fantastic anti-glare laminated screen protector, for that colour diffusion and pen on paper feel. 

Deco L/LW

A photo of drawing tablets in various colours from XP-Pen

(Image credit: XP-Pen)

XP-PEN's Deco L and Deco LW drawing tablet is neat 10 x 6-inch in size and comes with both wired and wireless connectivity, a battery free X-3 digital stylus. Compatible with Chrome, Windows 11, Linux, Mac, and Android this is a tablet ideal for art on the go as it can slip perfectly into a backpack or travel bag.

The Deco L/LW wireless graphic tablet comes with integrated and advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chips for reliable wireless connections. This XP-PEN wireless drawing pad gives you complete freedom to shift around and be as comfortable as possible with no wires coming in or out of your way. It really is the ideal pad for drawing while on a journey.

The wireless, battery-free X-3 digital stylus is as easy to set up and use as the tablet. But it doesn't hold back on features; with up to 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels and up to 60 degrees of tilt sensitivity it's a stylus comparable to the best on the market.

Lightweight, neatly sized, wireless and with a with the kind of shortcut setup you'd expect from a high-end tablet XP-PEN's Deco L/LW really is a smart piece of tech for drawing on the go or on the sofa, and it works perfectly with smaller Android devices, mobiles and Chromebooks.

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