This logo contains a delightful hidden surprise

(Image credit: Witzig)

If you're looking for a little distraction during these strange times, it doesn't come much better than a small, furry animal. Everyone has their favourite, but if dachshunds are your thing, you're in luck – there's new lifestyle brand in town dedicated to all things sausage dog, and its logo is bound to raise a smile – even if you're a cat person. 

Witzig, created by NY-based brand design studio ThoughtMatter and pet care coalition Kinship, is an online community just for dachshund fans. It's essentially a dachshund-themed shop and a dachshund-themed blog in one, but it features some truly adorable design work. Our favourite element has to be the Witzig logo itself (below), which contains a hidden dog. Perhaps we'll have to add that as an essential criteria for entering our best logos list.

Witzig logo

Spot the dog (Image credit: Witzig)

Along with the lovely logo, Witzig also contains some delightful illustrations. "We used an expressive illustration style that showed dachshund owners as reflections of their pets, including long legs, short legs, odd hair, and more," says ThoughtMatter's design director Sam Barbagiovanni. Whether dog owners actually resemble their pets is a research project we'd love to see, but for now we'll make do with these characterful depictions below. 

Witzig illustration

One of ThoughtMatter's delightful illustrations (Image credit: Witzig)

Is it a bit niche? Probably. But hey, fair play to ThoughtMatter and Kinship for spotting a sausage-shaped gap in the market and going for it. Next time we find ourselves in need of a dachshund-shaped vintage Japanese letter holder, we'll know exactly where to go. In fairness, the shop's items intended for the dogs themselves are perhaps a little more useful, such as food and harnesses.

Witzig shop

Some of the items available from Witzig's shop (Image credit: Witzig)

But even for those without a dog, or (heaven-forbid) a dog that isn't a dachshund, Witzig (which means 'witty' in German) is worth a visit. In the dog-eat-dog world of branding (and rebranding), it's nice to see something that was clearly a lot fun to make from scratch. “This project allowed us to really build a new and exciting brand from nothing,” says managing director Jesse McGuire. It made us smile – and that's exactly what we need right now. 

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