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This Penguin Classics book cover generator provides hours of fun

penguin tool
(Image credit: readingsbooks/simpsonspenguinclassics/Daniel Piper all on Instagram)

If the flurry of lockdown creativity hasn't resulted in you writing your first novel (after all, we all have one in us), don't worry because you can fake it 'til you make it with this fun (unofficial) Penguin Cover Generator tool. 

Maybe seeing your finished novel will be all you need to get to writing the contents of the actual book, or perhaps simply seeing that prestigious cover will simply be a well-earned boost to your ego. Either way, it's super-easy to achieve with a few clicks and a minimal amount of imagination (or however much you're willing to dedicate to it, really). 

If you're in the mood for more book-related inspiration, here's our pick of the best web comics.

Penguin tool

Simply add your title and author name (Image credit: Nicolas Love on nulk.github)

All you need is Nicholas Love's Penguin Cover Generator tool (which can be found here), an idea for a title (creative plot and character ideas are an optional extra that won't be included) and a picture. Upload the image, enter the title and the 'author' name, then fiddle with the size and dimensions until you're happy. Voila, you're a published author! Sort of. 

This process is familiar to our very own Daniel Piper, who created his own cover and uploaded it to Instagram recently. Cue much amusement, and some confusion from followers wanting to preorder the fictional book.

If you don't fancy adding your own name to a novel, it's also a great way to reframe an existing book, as this Simpson-themed account proves:

Or, it can simply be used as a witty meme format:

So, whatever purpose you have for using it: personal satisfaction, meme-making or fooling others, this tool is a fun and creative – and perhaps inspirational – way to fill a few minutes. Or if you want to get your teeth into a creative project (here are some more of those), why not create a whole series? Then get to turning those mock-ups into a reality. Or don't. 

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