Join the Creative Bloq Contributor Network!

The Creative Bloq Contributor Network

We want to build a team of passionate writers, with a serious interest in design and all things creative. Is that you? If so, you could join The Creative Bloq Contributor Network - here is some info about it.

What is this Creative Bloq Contributor Network you speak of?

Creative Bloq is a new site that's all about making design entertaining, inspiring and accessible to as many people as possible. We're passionate about all areas of design, and we want to provide a platform for writers that share our passion to get published.

What's in it for me?

Unlike many networks, we will offer our contributors a fee for every single contribution made to the Creative Bloq website. You will also get unparalleled access to the major areas of the design world, support from Creative Bloq and its sister brands (.net, Computer Arts, 3D World etc.) and a lovely logo you can place on your site. But who are we kidding, it's the money that's important, right?

What are you looking for?

Here are some types of content that we'd love to get more of:

  • News about the freshest projects from agencies, designers, artists, illustrators and more
  • Reviews of kit and apps that designers will love
  • List articles that help designers stay inspired
  • Tips articles that help designers solve a specific problem

Who are you looking for?

You! Maybe. Here's a checklist:

  • Are you passionate about an area of design, such as 3D, illustration, digital art, graphic design, web design, etc?
  • Do you keep abreast of the latest design development?
  • Do you enjoy writing (and maybe have a blog)?
  • Do you want to get paid cash money for writing about an area of design that you love?

If you're still interested, here's the important bit ...

How do I join this Network?

Easy! Simply click this link to register your interest. We'll need to see a few examples of posts that you've written, or a sample of your work.

We look forward to hearing from you! And if you know someone else that fits the bill, please share this amongst your friends.