Clever 3D animation technique has added vitamins

Discover the unusual process used to create this gorgeous video effect, inspired by an image of a crystallised vitamin B6.

The team at Decollage have just released this brand new video for German producer and DJ Dominik Eulberg. Made up of Diane Karner and Roland Lindner, they describe themselves as architects and visual designers by day, visual artists and VJs by night.

The music video was inspired by the cover of Dominik Eulberg's forthcoming 'Ein Stueckchen Urstoff' release, which consisted of a microscopic image of crystallised vitamin B6.

Sheet music

The textures created in the video are based on the 'Bubblesheet' photographs by Matthias Lindner which depict colourful LED lights reflected by thin sheets of industrial aluminium. These sheets are an industry by-product, distorted by heat from being used as a separation material between layers of blazing hot aluminium panels.

Visuals are projected onto a wavy sheet of industrial aluminium,
filmed and then digitally projected onto 3D metaballs and bubbles.

The final textures are a result of the projected source visuals, the imperfection and waviness of the sheets, the compression of the HDV camera used for the shoot, the distortion on the metaballs and some grading and love in the post production.

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