Vibrant paper art welcomes in 2016

Forget Christmas cards, this paper art greeting card celebrates the new year in style.

2016 greeting card

Welcome in the new year with a 2016 greeting card

There's some incredibly beautiful examples of paper art out there, with sculptures, posters and campaigns all taking shape through the humble medium. Solidifying their love of paper art are French artists Robin Gillet and Estelle Philibert, who have created this beautiful 2016 greeting card.

"Paper art is DIY work we really enjoy to see and to make, because handmade creation is something that, as graphic designers, we really had to know," Gillet explains. "It's the kind of project we feel is more human than any project you can make using software."

Whilst new year cards aren't as popular as their festive predecessors, we have a feeling this one might just get you in mood for spreading the 2016 joy. Take a closer look at the detail below.

2016 greeting card

The 3D aspect makes this design really pop

2016 greeting card

The attention to detail is astonishing

2016 greeting card

The designers believe paper art brings a human aspect to design

2016 greeting card

There's plenty of textures throughout the design

2016 greeting card

We think it's a wonderful way to bring in the new year

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