50 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you

21. Marc Thomas

Marc Thomas design portfolio

Fun colours and a responsive layout make this a portfolio to die for

This portfolio from designer Marc Thomas teams a playful icons with bright shades. He manages to fit you need to know onto a single screen: details of his skills and current role, previous clients, and links to his social accounts and contact details. It's neat, memorable and packs a punch.

22. Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee design portfolios

Images of the agency's work take centre stage on this site

Rosie Lee is a hybrid creative agency, with on- and offline expertise in branding, advertising and retail design. The agency's work takes centre stage on its website, with plenty of colourful, full-width images, videos and carousels showing off what it can do.

23. Studio Airport

Studio Airport design portfolio

An unusual vertical carousel helps this site stand out

Studio Airport is a design agency based in the Netherlands, with a strong online presence embracing airport graphics, large photographs and strong typography. There are quirky touches throughout its website, including an unusual vertical-scrolling carousel of its projects, and an About Us section in which the photographs interact with one another when the user mouses over them (scroll down the homepage for a look).

24. Paul Currah

Paul Currah design portfolio

The design portfolio of Paul Currah is clean and simple

Paul Currah is an award-winning multidisciplinary graphic designer, delivering creative, innovative and engaging solutions to communication problems across brand identity, print, packaging, environmental and digital. His scrapbook-style portfolio is a clean and simple offering, with each project photo fading in and out, showcasing different aspects of the creation.

25. Smart!

Smart design portfolio

The online portfolio of Smart! has a simple structure

Smart! is a multidisciplinary team of professionals in graphic design, communication and information technology that have two offices in Buenos Aires and Peru.

Their online portfolio has a simple structure, with the grey images turning to full colour once you hover over each project. We love that the selected images from each project are presented in a horizontal line.

26. Olly Gibbs

Design portfolio Olly Gibbs

The online portfolio of Olly Gibbs shows real attention to detail

Olly is a London-based, multidisciplinary designer and illustrator who has already worked with the likes of Warner Bros, Muse, and The Salvation Army. It's the attention to detail within his portfolio that really makes it stand out.

The sense of fun immediately showcases Gibbs' personality, whilst the typography and layout makes it work aesthetically. We especially love the 'About' section.

27. Pollen

Design portfolio Pollen

Pollen has won a slew of awards for its work

Digital and branding agency Pollen has won a slew of awards for its work, and its online portfolio is beautifully structured and art directed. For each project, the team has put together a series of images, videos and short chunks of text, each of which is displayed alone on a full page – as the user scrolls, a new item jumps into view.

28. Viget

Design portfolio Viget

The online portfolio of design agency Viget shows the power of photography

Working as a team of 58 creative individuals, Viget has got some impressive projects under its belt. Set up by brothers Brian Williams and Andy Rankin and their Dad, Wynne 'Pop' Williams, Viget Labs was established back in 1999 when the internet was changing.

The portfolio showcases just how important photography and user experience is within this industry. Pops of primary colour and subtle animation help create a playful, highly usable experience.

29. Super Awesome

Design portfolio Super Awesome

The online portfolio of web design agency Super Awesome is, well, super awesome

With a name like Super Awesome, you'd expect this web design agency's portfolio to be pretty, well, awesome. And it's safe to say that it is!

Making sites not suck since 2007, the team have gone for a cutting-edge layout reminiscent of print design, complete with vertically running text and staggered imagery. We love that the site isn't afraid to produce statements such as 'portfolios are boring' and 'we don't do meetings'. Bold, super awesome stuff.

30. Tawn

design portfolio Ashleigh Downer

The design portfolio of Ashleigh Downer immediately grabs the user's attention

In a world of quick clickers and impatient scrollers, it's important to instantly grab the attention of your potential clients. Too much text on the homepage could scare away the curious, so it's a good idea to entice them with an image. Here, Ashleigh Downer does just that with a quirky landing page before showcasing her incredible collections. Remember, you want to make your visitors click, and you can't help but do just that with this portfolio.

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