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The best online portfolio builders right now

Best website builder for a portfolio
(Image credit: Yan from Pexels)

Choosing the right platform for your portfolio will help you develop a strong, attractive online presence. Modern website builders tend to be very beginner-friendly and easy to use, which means that you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of tech experience to use them. 

In fact, it’s entirely possible to create your own portfolio site without any website-building experience at all. You don’t need to know how to write CSS or HTML code, and you shouldn’t even need to spend a lot of time designing your site. 

Basically, most website builders use a drag-and-drop editor that enables you to place different design elements where you want them. Different builders offer different levels of customisability, but most let you start with a pre-designed template that you can then populate with your own content. 

However, there's lots of competition when it comes to finding best website builders on the market today. To make things easy for you, we’ve done the hard work and put together the following list of our top ten options. 

The best online portfolio builder deals available

01. Wix: The best website builder for just $3.54/ £3 per month
Wix is super-easy to get up and running. Choose from 500+ templates, which you can customise with your own content, and you'll soon have your portfolio online. It's a bargain, too.
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Best website builder for a portfolio

(Image credit: wix)

01. Wix

Best for flexible portfolio creation

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: Yes | Prices: $14 to $49 per month | Storage: 3 GB to 50 GB | Coding support: Yes

Extremely powerful drag-and-drop editor
Huge template library
Great design tools
Editing interface can be a little confusing
Limit of one site per paid plan

If you know anything at all about the website building world, you’ve probably heard of, if not tried, Wix. It’s one of the world’s most popular website builders—and arguably the most powerful – and for good reason. 

When it comes to creating a portfolio with Wix, the only limit is your imagination. There are countless editing tools available, the editor itself uses a pixel-perfect drag-and-drop interface, and the template library is huge. What’s more, there are numerous themes designed specifically for portfolio sites. 

If you’re trying to build a portfolio on a tight budget, Wix’s free plan could be a good option. It provides full access to the editor and the entire template library, although there are a few limitations. 

For one, you will be confined to 500 MB of storage and 500 MB of bandwidth per month. You won’t be able to sell online, Wix advertising will be present on your site, and you won’t be able to connect a custom domain. 

Upgrading to a premium plan is quite expensive, with prices ranging from $14 to $49 per month. The $14 Combo plan comes with just 3 GB of storage and support for 30 minutes of video content, which means it won’t be suitable for all users. And if you want to sell your work, you’ll need to upgrade to a Business Basic plan, which costs $23 per month. 

Wix could be considered relatively expensive compared to other portfolio builders. But if design flexibility and personalisation is your main focus, no other platform comes even close.

Best website builder for a portfolio

(Image credit: Weebly)

02. Weebly

Best for professional portfolio templates and e-commerce

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: Yes | Prices: $6 to $26 per month | Storage: Unlimited | Coding support: Yes

Powerful free version
Unlimited storage and bandwidth
Great ecommerce tools
Templates can be restrictive
Template library is relatively small
Limited online media editing tools

If Wix is the world’s most popular website builder, Weebly comes in a close second place. It’s well known for its range of extremely attractive, professionally designed templates, its e-commerce tools, and its beginner-friendly editor. 

And if you’re a creative looking for the best website builder for a portfolio, there’s even more to like. All Weebly plans come with unlimited storage, which is excellent if you want to add large media or other files. Maximum file upload sizes are also generous, ranging from 100 to 250 MB according to your plan. What’s more, this limit increases to an impressive 1GB for videos. 

Weebly’s ecommerce tools also stand out. All plans, including the free one, allow you to sell items through your website. Standout features here include the inventory management portal, the ability to list unlimited items, and the automatic tax calculator. Note, though, that you can’t sell digital goods with the free plan. 

The three paid plans range from $6 per month for a Personal subscription to $26 per month for a Performance subscription. These come with increasingly advanced e-commerce and marketing tools, as well as different support options. 

Overall, Weebly is a great option if you want to build a portfolio based on an attractive, professionally designed template. 

Best website builder for a portfolio

(Image credit: Site123)

03. Site123

Best for ease of use

Free trial: No | Free version: Yes | Prices: $6.50 to $47 per month | Storage: 10 GB to 270 GB | Coding support: Yes

Very beginner-friendly
Generous storage
Comprehensive app market
Templates can’t be switched once live
Design freedom is very limited
Advanced features lacking

Site123 certainly isn’t the most powerful website builder on the market, but it’s a great choice for those who simply want to get online fast and with the minimum amount of fuss. Its editor is extremely beginner-friendly, and although its templates are a little basic, there’s still plenty of choice for those who want to build an attractive portfolio. 

When you start with Site123, you will be guided through a short questionnaire asking a few basic questions about the type of website you want. Based on your answers, you will be presented with a template that the builder thinks will best suit your needs. 

In terms of personalising your portfolio, customisability is a little limited, and advanced features are lacking, but at least you shouldn’t have any problems learning how to use the editor. 

There is a free version available, but it only comes with 250 MB of storage. It also includes a branded subdomain and Site123 advertising, and not all tools are accessible.

Prices for a premium subscription range from $6.50 to $15 per month for a five-year subscription ($19 to $47 per month if you only pay for three months upfront), which means that it’s far from the cheapest option available. All things considered, though, there are a lot of benefits associated with building your portfolio with Site123. 


(Image credit: IMCreator)

04. IM Creator

Best free portfolio builder for creatives

Free trial: No | Free version: For students, artists, and non-profits | Prices: $8 per month | Storage: Unlimited | Coding support: Limited

Huge number of portfolio templates
Unlimited storage across the board
Free forever for creatives
Limited drag-and-drop functionality
Builder can be a little confusing
Customer support could be better

IM Creator is one of the only website builders designed specifically for artists and other creatives. Ordinarily, it costs $8 per month. However, qualifying students, artists, and nonprofits can apply for a free license. 

This free license is extremely powerful, providing access to IM Creator’s full functionality. You will have access to unlimited storage and bandwidth, will be able to connect your own custom domain, and will even be able to sell your work online. 

On top of this, IM Creator has a huge template library, where you will find numerous designs to base your portfolio on. In general, these are extremely attractive, which means that getting a fully functional site online is as simple as adding your own content. But that doesn’t mean you can’t customize your portfolio if you want to. 

Most website builders make you upgrade to an expensive business or e-commerce plan before you can sell items online, but IM Creator is different. A full suite of online selling tools, including a powerful checkout, inventory management console, and in-depth analytics are available with every subscription.


(Image credit: Krop)

05. Krop

An excellent choice for attractive portfolio templates

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: No | Prices: $9.99 per month | Storage: Not specified | Coding support: Limited

Designed specifically for portfolio building
Huge range of advanced templates
Integrated job board
No free version
No e-commerce tools
Limited to portfolio building

Krop is an interesting option, as it combines a powerful portfolio builder with an online job board. Essentially, this means that you can showcase your work and apply for jobs from the comfort of one central hub. 

The thing that stands out most about Krop is its brilliant template library. These are designed specifically for portfolios, and you will find options for everyone from photographers and illustrators to makeup artists and copywriters. And what’s more, every template is customizable, enabling you to achieve the look you want. 

On top of this, Krop includes a range of great tools to help you get the most out of your portfolio. For example, you can connect directly to your Instagram account so that your photos are automatically added to your site. You can connect a custom domain name, and there are even various SEO tools to help you get discovered online. 

One notable absence is the lack of online selling tools. But if ecommerce isn’t a focus, you can access all of Krop’s advanced portfolio-building features for just $9.99 per month (or $99 billed annually). 

Best website builder for a portfolio

(Image credit: Format)

06. Format

Best photography-specific portfolio builder

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: No | Prices: $7 to $25 per month | Storage: Variable to unlimited | Coding support: Yes

Unlimited image uploads available
Free domain name
Commission-free online store
Very limited video uploads
No free version available
User interface can be a little confusing 

If you’re a photographer looking to showcase your work online, Format could be the perfect option. In short, it’s a fully functional website builder that’s designed specifically for photography portfolios. 

It comes with a range of advanced features, including the ability to set up an online store to sell your work. The management interface can be a little confusing to start with, but you should be able to familiarise yourself with it within a few hours. 

Prices start from $7 per month for a basic plan, but this has very limited features. To build a fully functional portfolio, consider upgrading to the Pro plan for $12 per month with annual billing ($16.99 with monthly billing). 

The Pro plan lets you upload 1500 images, and includes unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name for the first year, and custom code editing. You will even get a free SSL certificate to help secure your site from hackers and other malicious third parties. 

The Pro Plus plan ($18 per month with annual billing) unlocks unlimited image uploads, 30 minutes of video uploads, a mailing list builder, and priority support. Or, go for the Unlimited plan (from $25 per month) for 120 minutes of video uploads. 

At the end of the day, Format is hands-down one of the best photography portfolio builders we’ve used. 

Best website builder for a portfolio

(Image credit: Bandzoogle)

07. Bandzoogle

Best website builder for musicians

Free trial: 30 days | Free version: No | Prices: $8.29 to $19.95 per month | Storage: 10 tracks to unlimited | Coding support: Yes

Streamlined music showcase tools
Commission-free ticket and music sales
Integrations with numerous third-party platforms
Free lifetime domain name
Templates are a little basic
No free version
Email hosting add-on is expensive

Bandzoogle is one of the most popular music-specific portfolio builders in the world. While it’s more than possible to create a website to showcase your tunes with a builder like Wix or Weebly, Bandzoogle just makes things easy. 

For example, it comes with a huge range of music-related tools. These include things like a built-in music player, commission-free sales, an analytics platform that tracks various metrics, including song plays, and various SEO tools to help you promote your songs. 

On top of this, the Bandzoogle editor is very easy to use. Simply choose a template, tweak the design as required, and add your own content. Sure, the templates aren’t the fanciest we’ve seen, but they are still more than good enough for an average portfolio site. 

Prices start from $8.29 per month for a Lite subscription, but this only lets you upload 10 tracks and 10 photos. For unlimited uploads, consider a Pro subscription, which starts from $16.63 per month. 

Best website builder for a portfolio

(Image credit: Journo)

08. Journo Portfolio

Best website builder for writing portfolios

Free trial: 7 Days | Free version: Yes | Prices: $5 to $10 per month | Storage: Unlimited | Coding support: No

Designed specifically for writers
Streamlined Google Analytics integration
Free Plus subscription for students
Custom domain only with Pro plan
Article backups only available with Pro plan
Slightly limited editor

Building an online portfolio is a great way for writers to showcase their work, and Journo Portfolio makes it extremely easy to do this. This portfolio creation platform is designed specifically for writers, with a range of features designed to streamline the entire process. 

For example, you can upload work as PDF documents or images, or import directly from a URL. Alternatively, write and publish articles within the Journo Portfolio platform. There are various themes to choose from, along with an analytics portal and various other useful tools. 

On top of everything else, Journo Portfolio offers a free-forever plan that supports up to ten articles. For unlimited article uploads and pages, you will need to upgrade to the Plus plan ($5 per month). And finally, the Pro plan ($10 per month) lets you add a custom domain name, supports password-protected portfolios, and includes automatic article backups. 


(Image credit: Strikingly)

09. Strikingly

Great website builder for artists

Free trial: 14 Days | Free version: Yes | Prices: $8 to $49 per month | Storage: 1 GB to 10 GB | Coding support: Limited

Excellent customer service
Beginner-friendly editor
Very competitively priced
Small template library
Very basic SEO tools
Relatively limited customisability

Strikingly is designed specifically for single-page websites, and the majority of its most notable features reflect this. This is actually a design style that works well for portfolios, as it enables you to present your work without the need for a large or potentially confusing website. 

One of the things that stands out about Strikingly is how easy it is to use. Its website claims that you will be able to build your own site in under 30 minutes, and we can’t disagree. 

What’s more, e-commerce is supported through the Simple Store integration. Although it doesn’t come with the same advanced selling tools as a provider like Weebly, there’s still more than enough here for those who want to sell a few items. 

There is a free plan available, but this is quite limited, coming with a branded Strikingly subdomain and platform advertising. Paid plans cost from $8 per month, although you will need to purchase a Pro subscription (from $16 per month) to unlock anything other than the most basic features.

Best website builder for a portfolio

(Image credit: GoDaddy)

10. GoDaddy

Best for getting online fast

Free trial: No | Free version: Yes | Prices: $9.99 to $24.99 per month | Storage: Unlimited | Coding support: No

Very easy to use
Great for getting online quickly
Fully functional free version
E-commerce is quite limited
Editor is very basic
Small template library

The GoDaddy website builder certainly isn’t the most powerful we’ve ever used, but it’s still one of our favourites for creating simple portfolios. This is largely because of how easy it is to use, which means that you can basically get online within hours. 

The template library is limited, but you should find that there’s enough choice as long as you’re not too fussy. Similarly, the editor is one of the simplest we’ve ever used, but this has its positives as well—it’s extremely beginner-friendly, which means even the most inexperienced computer users should be able to create their own portfolio without too much trouble. 

There is a limited free plan available, with premium subscriptions starting from $9.99 per month. Note, though, that you will have to pay $24.99 per month for an Ecommerce plan before you can start selling online.  

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