50 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you

40. Seymour Powell

design portfolio Seymour Powell

The design portfolio of Seymour Powell offers a interactive visual insight into their work

Seymour Powell is a multidisciplinary group of design researchers, brand experts, product, UX and UI designers, and makers. As you can see from the grab above, they're not afraid of a splash of colour. The site also features a modern take on the parallax trend of yesteryear. 

41. Lounge Lizard

design portfolio Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard's portfolio takes the bar theme and runs with it

Website design and marketing agency Lounge Lizard has been making waves on the design circuit for almost 15 years. The team describe themselves as 'brandtenders', and this bar-themed portfolio is the perfect execution of their work and style.  The site is packed full of case studies and information while still maintaining a fun, drinkable vibe.

42. Tim Lahan

design portfolio Tim Lahan

The design portfolio of Tim Lahan is perfectly laid out

New York based graphic designer and artist Tim Lahan presents his portfolio in a simple yet stunning way. Thanks to the sticky header, the important logo and information stays firmly at the top of your screen as you scroll through colourful examples of work. The drawings and designs are also perfectly laid out to really show them off; with no framing or barriers to distract the visitor or alter the work's effect.

43. Justin M. Maller

Justin Maller's portfolio lets the vibrant imagery do the talking

The Australian designer's portfolio site keeps things reasonably simple, and so lets his vibrant work – he's going through a delightfully crystalline phase at the moment – do the talking. It lets you get straight to the artwork; the only fancy stuff going on is a lovely little gradient at the bottom of the main index window, subtly fading everything in as it scrolls up.

44. Tim Smith

HTML5 tricks bring this portfolio site to life

Boasting 'Brain-powered graphics fun', Tim Smith's portfolio site uses CSS3 to mix a spotlessly clean look with some clever HTML5 tricks such as the cut-out titles for each piece, which disappear as you mouse over. We love the sidebar as well, featuring social links on the front page and then used for navigation between portfolio pages.

45. Delete

Delete's action-packed site has plenty going on

Big, bold and in your face, Delete's site opens with an animated introduction to the agency and a recent project. The rest of the portfolio meets the expectations created on the front page, with plenty of animation and graphic touches throughout.

46. Studio Contents

We love the smoothly responsive images on Studio Contents' site

 The front page of Studio Contents' site seems basic – minimal text sitting on top of a big carousel image, with a grid of smaller images beneath that – but it's fantastically responsive and smooth with it, images resizing with the browser like a dream. It's all about presenting the work in the best possible way, and this does a great job.

47. Bob Galmarini

Bob Galmarini website

Bob Galmarini took a template site and made it his own

'Bright' and 'crisp' are good words to describe the personal portfolio site of Bob Galmarini, an award winning art director at {e} house studio.

"Like a lot of other designers, my work has been hidden within the portfolios of the companies I have worked for," says Galmarini on the goal of his new site. "I needed a simple, easy to update place to host my body of work." Galmarini started with a template theme but heavily used CSS to make it unique. It’s a good example of how altering fonts, colours and other CSS styles can make a difference.

48. Hayk

best design portfolios

Check out the brilliant use of colour on Hayk's site

Hayk is a full-time freelance designer who also happens to be a music producer by night. After high school he continued to study on his own, reading and gaining experience working as a graphic designer. This cleverly crafted portfolio has a lovely colour scheme and an ace scrolling experience.

49. Stereo

best design portfolios

A creative portfolio site for Stereo

London-based agency Stereo Creative has created this simple yet striking portfolio site. Each case study is well thought out and beautifully presented, with a carefully chosen slogan introducing each one.

50. Fieldwork

design portfolios

A clean-cut portfolio for the team at Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a focused team of makers and doers that specialises in crafting engaging experiences across digital, web and branding. Founded in 2012 by Loz Ives and Andy Gott, the company has worked with a number of brands including craft beer brewers and illustrators. Its lively portfolio is clean-cut, colourful and easy to navigate.

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