Vimeo unveils new features for creative pros

Vimeo on Demand is giving indie producers an alternative distribution channel for their creations

Vimeo has spent the last couple of years positioning itself as a "platform for empowering creators". In particular, its Vimeo On Demand service offers indie moviemakers an alternative way to get their work in front of a paying audience without going through traditional distribution channels.

In line with this approach, it's just unveiled a bunch of new features to make that easier, including new translation and subtitling tools, new currency options for its Vimeo Pro and Vimeo On Demand users, and the introduction of a Japanese language version of the site.

New tools

The new caption and subtitling tools offer users a free editor to create captions or subtitle files, plus the option to purchase professional-grade captions and subtitles through Amara's network of translators. Those who opt for the latter can choose from a range of serives, from basic audio transcription to full service captioning and translations.

Vimeo is now translated into Japanese, French, German and Spanish and accepts a total of 11 currencies for subscription services, including for Euros.

"As our global audience continues to expand, Vimeo will continue to launch tools and services to better connect video creators and sellers with viewers worldwide," says Kerry Trainor, CEO, Vimeo. "Having seen individual Vimeo On Demand titles sell on our platform in over 100 countries in US dollars alone, we're very bullish on the sizable impact accepting Euros will have for video sellers worldwide."