Summer sun inspires exceptional 3D artwork

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Marek Denko runs the CG studio Noemotion, but in his spare time manages to create some fun 3D art. "I'd seen a magical light setup last summer during a family holiday in Slovakia," says Marek, "I was experimenting with ideas on how to make it more alive. The feedback from my kids about Souvenir was an awesome experience."

Marek’s experience is very wide and touches on most aspects of creating CG. Marek's studio creates game cinematics, commercials, movies; stereo rides for many clients around the world. "Usually, but not always, I have a definite idea or I'm just experimenting with something," says Marek about his creative process.

A family holiday inspired this vibrant piece

"If the idea is clear I create a base scene, gather lots of reference images and take pictures if possible. Then I create models, set the lighting and tweak until I'm satisfied. There were no notable problems with this piece, except creative struggles."

An element of Souvenir that Marek is proud of is the dust effect used to convey atmosphere. Just how did he create it? "It is just a painted, subtle geometry (splines and hair-like shapes,) scattered here and there," he explains.

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 179. Have you seen any inspirational 3D art recently? Let us know in the comments.