Adobe Muse: the new features

Muse is Adobe's software tool enables you to create websites without writing any code

Adobe has added some new features to Muse, its software tool for graphic designers who want to create websites without writing code.

The software now comes with new built-in support for contact forms, allowing designers to easily add forms to their websites as well as configure and style them.

The new feature is part of a longer-term strategy to bring more extensive content management capabilities to Muse through tighter integration with Adobe’s hosting solution, Adobe Business Catalyst. This video shows how it works.

Downloadable files

Another new feature enables Muse users to easily add and link to .PDF, .ZIP, .dmg, and .exe files for their website visitors to download.

Designers can now also add HTML5 animations created with Adobe Edge into their Muse designs.

Edge is a tool from Adobe for creating animated content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Performance boost

Further improvements include improved HTML5/CSS3 output and auto-generated sitemaps for SEO, both of which will result in faster load times and improved visibility on search engines, says Adobe. The new version of Muse will also be available in Japanese.

The new features are automatically available to stand-alone Adobe Muse subscribers as well as for Adobe Creative Cloud members at no extra charge.

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