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New Toy Story short film: Partysaurus Rex

Since its release back in 1995, we've all fallen in love with the characters of Pixar's Toy Story. Sadly, their story came to an end with the release of Toy Story 3 back in 2010.

Bath time with Bonnie

Not to worry though, as today marked the release of this adorable Toy Story short film. We're met with tour beloved Woody, Buzz, Jesse and co but it's dinosaur Rex that takes centre stage this time.

In the film, poor Rex is labeled a party pooper by the rest of the toys. But when Bonnie takes him to bath time, he goes from zero to hero by throwing an over-the-top Bubble Bath time bash! No longer a wet blanket, the king of the hot tub is - the legendary Partysaurus Rex!

Kings of animation

Once again, Pixar have triumphed in the animation stakes. With director Mark Walsh and producer Kim Adams on board, we wouldn't expect anything less.

Love the film? You can purchase it on iTunes.

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