Disney launches a Monster of a website

Disney has really gone to town on its Monsters University website, launched to promote the upcoming prequel to Monsters Inc.

As richly detailed as a real educational website, the site enables you to read about the university's history, admission policies, fraternities (such as "Slugma Kappa Theta"), sporting events, suggested books, course lists... all accompanied by what we assume will be characters and scenes from the new movie.

The amount of detail that's been put into the site is incredible

Launched with a '.edu' suffix (usually reserved for real educational institutions), the amount of content here is astounding - there's even a full campus map.

Interestingly, there's also a student login page which requires an ID and password, so looks like that's going to be the basis for further viral marketing of the movie.

The site introduces no characters, but there's no sign (yet) of any of the Monsters Inc faves

The movie doesn't open till June 21, 2013, so we imagine there's going to be a lot more viral marketing fun to come from Disney!

Check out the teaser trailer!

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