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The best music videos of 2012

From Blur's 'Coffee and TV' to Fatboy Slim's 'Praise You' or 'Weapon of Choice'; to the White Stripe's 'Seven Nation Army' and Missy Elliott's 'The Rain', the range of talent throughout the years is hugely apparent. We could have easily compiled a list of the best music videos ever made but instead, we've decided to show you the most creative and best music videos that have been released this year. The attention to detail in the design work for each of these is impeccable and there's even some 3D thrown in for good measure.

Regina Spektor: All the rowboats

Since working with Regina on the video for single 'Us,' Hornet Inc's director Peter Sluska was once again carted in to create the music video for her latest single 'All the rowboats.' A mixture of live action with pixelation, long exposures and stop motion elements, the video was shot at Hornet Workshop and released in March. It sees Regina encapsulated in a dark nautical setting, teetering at the edge of the dock and contemplating the water below her; the boat acts as a metaphor which delivers her to and from the dreamscape. Kevin Coyle was the man behind the stop motion, with Adria Petty of Hornet Inc also co-directing.

The Shins: The Rifle's Spiral

Directed by Emmy award winner Jamie Caliri, the latest video from indie rockers The Shins was always going to be a belter. It focuses on a lone magician and his involvement with three sinister-looking men and one rabbit, with creepy consequences. The animation debuted in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS back in April. We think this animated, stop motion piece is truly stunning; maybe Jamie will be onto another winner! You can watch the making of video at 3D World now.

The Gossip: Move in the Right Direction

Brought to you by Black Dog Films director and long-time collaborator Price James, the latest video for The Gossip see's some serious typography and colour extraction (red, white and black to be exact.) This video immediately caught our attention, with the bold lettering flashing up as diva Beth Ditto sings along. We loved the simple execution of this visual, from the black and white band members to the glittering eyebrows. The attention to detail is a wonder to watch - especially the words 'guitar solo' popping up as the song does so.

Gorillaz: DoYaThing

We just had to include the world's first and much-loved virtual band in this list. This track by Gorillaz, which features Andre 3000 and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem fame is another belter for Converse's 'Three Artists. One Song' project. The band have come on leaps and bounds since their 2D days, charging into the 3D world thanks to the teams at Passion and Fortiche. Director and artist Jamie Hewlett was once again on hand to produce another stellar video for 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russell with a mixture of real life and 3D animation. You can watch the making of video now.

Hot Chip: Night and Day

After creating quite a stir with Hot Chip's previous video 'I Feel Better,' U.K. comedian and director Peter Serafinowicz teams up once again with the band to bring you another bizarrely entertaining offering. With dancing monks, supermodels and spaceships all thrown in for good measure, the video is a unique take on the usual pop music visuals. We especially love the UI technology aboard the spaceship and the cameo from legendary British actor Terrence Stamp.

Kate Bush: Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe

Kate Bush is widely known for her unique creations within her music, her artwork and her videos. This latest single, 'Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe' is brought to life using the simple technique of shadow puppetry. As the music video world swells with 3D this and stop motion that (which we still love, obviously) this video is a welcome return to basics. It tells the story of a lost dog, trying to find it's way home with the lyrics encapsulating the pooch's situation. The video was directed by Kate herself, proving that she's still a force to be reckoned with.

Squarepusher: Dark Steering

Squarepusher has been on the scene for quite some time now and although widely appreciated for his music production, he's fast becoming known for his incredible light shows that accompany his sets. In this video for 'Dark Steering' taken from the album 'Ufabulum,' Tom Jenkinson created the robotic LED visuals himself. As the lights flash in time to the music, the work that must've gone into this production is unfathomable. A creative piece with enough oomph to pack a real punch.

OK Go: Needing/Getting

We don't think there's ever going to be a 'best music videos' list without these boys making an appearance. The band first took the YouTube world by storm with their video for 'Here It Goes Again' - yeah, that's right, the treadmill video. Even since their first stint on that equipment, the band have continously produced some of the most creative music videos we've ever seen. In 'Needing/Getting,' the band had to create the world's first musical racetrack and world's first song performed and recorded by a car. It took four months of careful planning to create the band's most expensive video to date. Head to MTV to read more about the making of.

Simian Mobile Disco: Cerulean

There's something hugely comforting about old skool graphics and retro tactics and this music video from Simian Mobile Disco ticks both boxes. 'Cerulean' is taken from the album 'Unpatterns,' with the video designed, directed and animated by Jack Featherstone and Will Samuel. The simple geometric patterns make perfect sense with the hypnotic track, whilst the videos simple execution of primary colours proves that you can always go back to basics to make an impact. If abstract CGI mixed with hypnotic UK tech-house is your thing, we couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Liz Green: Bad Medicine

This video for Liz Green's single 'Bad Medicine' taken from her album 'O! Devotion,' is to put it simply - stunning. The video was directed and created by Joseph Brett, Co-Founder of End of the Road Films and founder of Cabal studios. Both studios are known for their delicate and touching approach to film making, with each of their creations making even the hardest of hearts melt. The video was created entirely using paper animation after Joseph wanted to divulge in the medium. You can watch the making of video or check out Joseph's blog, where he describes the video's gruelling process.

That's it for the best music videos! Which one was your favourite? Have you seen any creative music videos? Let us know in the comments box below!

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