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Startup School 2016 bundle

In the tech world, there's plenty of room for disruption. If you have an idea worth pursuing, you can find funding and opportunity to make it happen. You just need to know how to get in front of the right people. That's exactly what the Startup School 2016 Bundle can teach you, and you can get it for just $49 (approx. £34).

Getting your startup off the ground can be difficult, but this bundle of courses has the information you need to do it. Gain the basic skills to create your product, then learn how to network and connect with the people who can help you turn it into a real business. There's a course for every step of the way, with over 60 hours of actionable content.

If you're ready to get your startup up and running, you can get the Startup School 2016 Bundle on sale for just $49 (approx. £34). That's 97% off the retail price for this collection of courses.