The best headsets for PS5 and PS4 in October 2023

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The best headsets for PS5 and PS4 can really level up your focus and allow for more immersive gameplay at a relatively low cost. Quality audio will ensure scavenging is a breeze, as you'll hear exactly where sounds are coming from. Leave no enemy behind with crisp combat audio, and stay stealthy with the option to mute your own mic with ease. 

Even if you're not much of a gamer, your Playstation console also doubles as an excellent media player for streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, and Disney+. So a good headset will provide immersive audio for watching your favourite shows too. That's especially true if you have a PS5 console, and can benefit from its immersive 3D audio features.

We've gathered the very best headsets for the PS5 and PS4 available today, and included a wide range of options for varying budgets. If you're in need of more storage, take a look at our guide to the best SSD for PS5, or if you're not confident opening up the console, maybe the best external hard drive for PS5?

The best headsets for PS5 and PS4s

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How does 3D audio work on the the Playstation 5?

The PS5 comes equipped with 3D audio, which means that you can benefit from realistic and immersive surround sound to hear footsteps from the exact direction that an enemy is approaching. 

You'll need to make sure that this feature is enabled in your consoles settings, as it can easily be turned on and off. Go to Settings > Sound >3D Audio for Headphones, and turn on Enable 3D Audio for Headphones. 

This guide on can teach you how to set up 3D audio for both TV speakers as well as compatible PS5 headsets for the perfect acoustics to match your gaming space. 

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