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Meet the designer whose life is literally a box of chocolates

chocolate box CV

Rob Jervis designs a CV that's good enough to eat

Creating the perfect designer resumé is difficult in such a competitive industry. With employers merely glancing at CVs in their busy days, it's important to catch their eye at the right moment. Here, designer Rob Jervis created a very special type of CV.

"I handed out and emailed way more conventional CVs than I can remember, and got a response from about two or three of those," remembers Jervis. "I redesigned my CV and turned it into a box, learning how to make the chocolates inside as well (oreo truffles, peanut butter cups, amaretto ganaches, etc).

chocolate box CV

Jervis was fed up of employers not taking notice of his previous CV

"I handed these out to numerous top design and advertising companies in London and in Cambridge. Within an hour or two of receiving these, reputable companies were emailing me with the offer of paid internships and interviews and it was only 2 or 3 that didn't reply," he explains.

chocolate box CV

The design eventually landed Jervis his dream packaging job

"I'm currently working at LFH. I gave them a CV and they called me up an hour later and offered me a paid internship for 2 weeks, which lead to the full time job." So, it just goes to show that original CV designs that are catered to the specific design career you'd like to follow will certainly be worth the effort in the end.

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