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Google Play Books updates with dedicated comic reading mode

google play books

The new Google Play Books features animated flip books to re-create the feel of reading a physical comics on the move

Google Play Books is entering into the domain of favoured comic book app Comixology, with its latest upgrade. Designed specifically for comic book fans, the app has altered its viewing capabilities to make it easier for users to read the sequential artform on their preferred mobile device.

The official Android blog reports, "navigating a comic can be tricky on a small phone or tablet screen. So, we're introducing a new vertical scrolling experience for comics in landscape mode. Flip your device on its side and you can easily scroll through the story with quick vertical swipes."

google play books scroll

Enjoy your favourite comics in landscape mode with the new vertical scrolling experience

Alongside this new comic-driven user experience, Google Play is now offering a new comics destination in the Google Play Store, featuring a wealth of titles from major players, including Marvel, DC, Darkhorse and Vertigo, as well as personalised recommendations.

google play books comics§

Enjoy all your favourite comic titles, from superheroes like Spiderman to crime capers and horror stories

Download the app now and enjoy several free comics to celebrate these new features, including issues from The X-Files, Jem and the Holograms, The Walking Dead and Saga (expertly illustrated by Fiona Staples, featured in ImagineFX issue 128) – for a limited time only!

The app is available to Anroid users in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, India, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa – for iPhone junkies, watch this space!

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Alice Pattillo

When Alice is not writing about VFX and digital art, she freelances for Metal Hammer magazine, watches too many horror films and reads comic books. Sometimes she sculpts monsters and has been writing her own comic book for over ten years (it's still unfinished…).