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BT's Olympics 2012 legacy: a 320 gigapixel picture of London

Captured by gigapixel experts 360 Cities, the London panorama would be as wide as Buckingham Palace if printed at normal photographic resolution - that's a lot of inkjet ink.

You can see some sample images below, but the best thing to is to head over to the BT London 2012 website. There'll you'll able to zoom in and around London's city streets to take in the scenery and possibly chance upon a hidden Buzby, BT's beloved mid-1970s mascot who was revived for the Olympics last year.

If you can spot Buzby, BT says you could win a year's free broadband, an iPad and a trip to the top of the BT Tower. Or you could just use the Gigapixel panorama to have a nose at what your neighbours are up to instead.


Main image copyright © 2012 Anthony Upton,