CA Inspiration - 27 October

Exciting times at the inspiration desk! I've started getting submissions turning up at my personal Twitter account! Which is jolly enterprising on one hand; on the other, it gets a bit confusing for me, especially since my preferred method of tracking what's been submitted is to Favourite stuff from the CA account. So you're probably better off going through the official channels: send things to us via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Vectorthirtythree 16 Pixel Retouch

Vectorthirtythree - 16 Pixel Retouch

Martin Millar Abstract 02

Martin Millar - Abstract 02

Lauren Morse Jeff amp Birds

Lauren Morse - Jeff & Birds

Lucy Joy Moth Symmetry

Lucy Joy - Feeling Blue

W. Scott Forbes - A Good Wife - Trailer - via Oliver Sin

Kevin Devroo Laid Back

Kevin Devroo - Laid Back

Mikito Ozeki - Cut out - via Monkeys vs Robots

Scott Duffey Dressed For Battle

Scott Duffey - Dressed For Battle

Anthony Atkinson Aviary Bay

Anthony Atkinson - Aviary Bay - via Tilly

Cure Studio - Whistles Brand Values

Paul Boardman Dead Formats

Paul Boardman - Dead Formats

Pete Harrison Eagle Awards 2011

Pete Harrison - Eagle Awards 2011 - via Meiklejohn

Izaiza Untitled

Izaiza - Untitled