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Have you ever wondered how a huge organisation such as Adidas approaches design? Or maybe you'd like to know how the design process within a company like Adidas differs from a traditional agency? Well now, thanks to Adidas Design Studios you can find out all of this info - and more!

In this series of videos, designers at Adidas provide insight into how things work behiond the scenes, and even give information on how they bagged their positions at the sporting giant. The site also includes a jobs board, and this site isn't just about presenting the company's design credentials, it's about attracting the best designers to Adidas.

The site guides you through the Adidas design process

The site shows how products move from the technical drawing stage, to sample production, and beyond. And you can also learn more about the history of Adidas, and how it hopes to produce the best creatives through its Design Academy.

Adidas Design Studio is a compelling look at the design within the company, and whether you're looking for a job, or simply want to learn more about how all the different areas of design within Adidas work together, you should definitely check it out!

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To see more great videos, and learn more about design at Adidas, visit Adidas Design Studios.