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A designer's guide to the Golden Ratio

Creating a Golden Rectangle is pretty straightforward, and starts with a basic square. Follow the steps below to create your own Golden Ratio:

01. Draw a square

(Image: © Future)

Start by drawing a square of any size. The side of this will form the length of the 'short side' of the rectangle.

02. Divide the square

(Image: © Future)

Next, divide your square in half with a vertical line down the centre. This will leave you with two rectangles.

03. Draw a diagonal line

(Image: © Future)

In one of these rectangles, draw a straight line from one corner to the opposite corner.

04. Rotate the line

(Image: © Future)

Rotate this line, pivoting from the bottom (or top) point, until it lines up with the bottom of the first rectangle.

05. Create a new rectangle

(Image: © Future)

Create a rectangle using the new horizontal line and original rectangle as guides. That's your Golden Rectangle. 

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Rosie Hilder

Rosie Hilder is the deputy editor of Creative Bloq. Before joining the CB team in 2018, she worked on a range of print titles, including Time Out Buenos Aires, Computer Arts, 3D World, Paint & Draw and Mac|Life. Her interests lie in branding and illustration, tech and sexism, and plenty more in-between.