14 top web app resources

No doubt you've read our recent article The future of web apps (opens in new tab) by Chris Mills and are thirsty for more. Here are some resources that will help you dive deeper into this topic and hopefully build something great. 

Tools and blogs

Platform status (opens in new tab) – Platform status dashboard for implementing modern web app APIs in browsers

Emscripten (opens in new tab) – Tool for transpiling native code to fast JavaScript

Service Worker and Push DevTools (opens in new tab) – Additions to Firefox DevTools to help debug Push and Service Workers

WebAssembly (opens in new tab) – Early news and info on WebAssembly 

The Service Worker cookbook (opens in new tab) – Useful real world recipes for Service Workers and Push

Oghliner (opens in new tab) – Node tool for converting apps to offline using Service Workers


The MDN App Center (opens in new tab) – Mozilla’s hub for modern web app development techniques

Progressive Web Apps (opens in new tab) – Top-class Google tutorials on implementing progressive web apps

Offline First (opens in new tab) – The offline-first landing page, containing information and further links to DevTools to help debug Push and Service Workers 

Reference docs

Web App Manifest (opens in new tab) – Guide for the Web App Manifest format

Service Worker (opens in new tab) – Reference for the Service Worker API

Push (opens in new tab) – Reference and tutorial for the Push API

Notifications (opens in new tab) – Reference for the Notifications API, including related tutorial

Channel Messaging (opens in new tab) – Reference for the Channel Messaging API, including related tutorial

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Chris Mills is senior tech writer at Mozilla.