3 ways to find stock that stands out from the crowd

As a designer you're going to need stock content regularly, and you'll be aware of just how many libraries there are to choose from. And while you're probably already familiar with the iStock name, what you might not know is just how its content stands out from the competition, no matter what you need. 

Read on to learn more about iStock, and how it gives you access to world-class, premium content – at not-so-premium prices. 

Localised content from over 200,000 contributors

Localised content

iStock's contributors use their local knowledge to get the best shots (Image credit: iStock)

Whenever you search on iStock you'll find content that feels authentic – and that's because it is. iStock's contributors come from all over the world, bringing local knowledge to their work and offering different perspectives that translate to professionally-photographed content. They know how to take the relevant pictures you need to elevate your creative work and make connections with your audience. 

So, when you're out to impress a picky client that's asking for specific regional or travel imagery – whether it's from the mountains of the Andes or the plains of Kazakhstan – rest assured that iStock has contributors there, creating visuals that your audience can relate to, in a way that only a local can authentically capture.

Expert content curation

Expert content curation

Well-curated content means you'll soon find what you need (Image credit: iStock)

Don't you just love it when you search for a term and find that the exact image you need comes up straight away? That's a regular feeling on iStock, but there's nothing magical about it; rather, it's all down to the hard work of its expert visual editors. They meticulously vet every single image that gets uploaded to iStock to ensure that it's not carrying duplicates, or a dozen versions of the same image with slight variations – iStock cares about quality, not quantity.

As authorities on visual trends, iStock's editors are able to compile galleries of its best-in-class, top-trending content into collections and galleries. So whenever you're not exactly sure what you're looking for and need a spot of inspiration, simply find a gallery on iStock's homepage or on individual content pages, and you'll be able to browse through it and find the content you need to give your creative work the edge it needs.

It's not just images

More than images

iStock also has templates, vectors, video and illustration (Image credit: iStock)

While you're probably coming to iStock for images – that's what it's known for, after all – bear in mind that it has many more content offerings that can make your creative life easier. If you're in need of a template for a restaurant menu, or some vectors to add a stylish twist to a design, there'll be something to fit the bill.

iStock also has an expansive video collection, covering everything from b-roll to ultra-high quality 4K stock footage, and whether you're after something quirky with hipster appeal or straight-edged stock for B2B purposes, you're sure to find it. 

iStock's illustration collection is similarly broad, ranging from the whimsical to the business-focused, with everything in-between. Best of all, iStock upholds the same standards for its templates, icons, illustrations, videos and more, as it does for its images, so you can be sure that everything you find will be high quality and affordable.

Everything you need in one place

Finding the perfect images, illustrations and videos for your creative projects shouldn't be stressful – and with iStock it's a breeze, thanks to flexible plans and pricing (and images starting from only $12) that offer a solution for any budget. Regardless of the nature of the project, you'll be able to find the perfect creative assets for it – and much more besides – on iStock.

iStock's visual experts are constantly updating its collection, so keep checking in to find the latest and greatest visuals in the industry. You can also save 10% on all credit packs until the end of the year. Just use code ISTOCK10 at checkout.

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