The problem with web design education

The other day I realised that it's been 10 years since I started teaching. I never thought I would become a teacher; it just happened. But I remember that from day one I decided I would consider my efforts a success if I was able to create passionate new designers.

One day in my second year of teaching, one of the students – an industrial design major – came to tell me he had a great idea  for his personal website. "As you know, I do a lot of 3D, so this is going to be my site," he said, as he held a cardboard box in front of himself. "When you arrive at the website you'll see this side, and when you click one of the menu items the whole box will rotate to the page you choose."

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As well as founding The New Digital School, Tiago is digital design director at Surreal. He has worked on the web since 1998.