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From striking to surreal, the 10 most inventive art installations of 2013

At Creative Bloq we're big fans of plastering city streets and grey walls with creativity, and the world of street art (opens in new tab) and installations increasingly offers far more than just spraypainted walls. Here, we take a look back at the most inventive art installations to grace the streets of the world over the past 12 months.

01. Jun Kitagawa (opens in new tab)

art installations

These zip installations certainly raised a smile across Japan

Japanese artist Jun Kitagawa (opens in new tab) installed this brilliant series of huge, 3D zipper structures across Japan's public spaces. After 'accidentally' becoming an artist by covering up nude statues with an array of old t-shirts, he's certainly come a long way. Known for his approach to 'light eroticism', these zippers are a playful art installation that will no doubt raise a smile or two around the city.

02. Alex Chinneck (opens in new tab)

art installations 2013

This art installation took over a building that was vacant for 11 years

This huge installation from British artist and designer Alex Chinneck (opens in new tab) is entitled 'From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes'. The installation sees the facade of a brick rowhouse behaving in the manner of a piece of sliced American cheese. Its floppy exterior is placed upon a building that has been vacant for over 11 years.

03. Bruce Munro (opens in new tab)

British artist Bruce Munro (opens in new tab) latest exhibition, 'Field of Light', has sprung up in Cheekwood, Tennessee. Known for his inventive and large-scale approach to light and art, Munroe's new exhibition comprises seven large-scale outdoor installations, and illuminated sculptures within Cheekwood’s Museum of Art (opens in new tab).

04. Momot (opens in new tab)

The ethos behind Nike Air Max (opens in new tab) is that when revolution meets evolution, a dynasty is born. South Korean culture brand Momot (opens in new tab) collaborated with the sneaker giants' campaign 'Nike Air Max Reinvented' to create their latest installation. Featuring the brand's impressive paper toys, this is an art project we would have liked to take part in!

05. Sam Songailo (opens in new tab)

art installations

Zen Garden takes black and white to new levels

This latest installation from Sam Songailo (opens in new tab) is part of Adelaide's burgeoning arts scene. Placed in an industrial warehouse, the three-dimensional drawing showcases a headache-worthy work of art. Entitled 'Zen Garden', black and white lines run the length of the main gallery’s floor, that are then interrupted by sporadic rocks, whilst evenly spaced rectangles cover the walls.

06. Drzach & Suchy (opens in new tab)

Created by design studio Drzach & Suchy (opens in new tab) for the Google Zurich office, 'The Force' consists of a white wall with a mammoth 16,000 Lego bricks embedded onto it. The piece took around 10 hours to complete, with many Lego enthusiasts lending a hand.

07. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada (opens in new tab)

art installations 2013

This is possibly the largest art installation we've come across

This latest piece from Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada (opens in new tab)could well be the biggest piece of outdoors art we've come across. Measuring in at 11-acres, the field portrait entitled 'WISH' was created as part of the Belfast Festival (opens in new tab). Rodríguez-Gerada explains, "Working at very large scales becomes a personal challenge but it also allows me to bring attention to important social issues, the size of the piece is intrinsic to the value of its message".

08. Jamie Wardley (opens in new tab) and Andy Moss (opens in new tab)

art installations 2013

This art installation commemorated International Peace Day

To mark International Peace Day, British artists Jamie Wardley (opens in new tab) and Andy Moss (opens in new tab) accompanied by 60 volunteers and 500 local residents, took to the beaches of Normandy and etched 9,000 fallen soldier silhouettes into the sand using rakes and stencils.

09. Ladamenrouge (opens in new tab)

art installations 2013

Ladamenrouge brightens up the streets of his local city

French artist Ladamenrouge (opens in new tab) wanders the streets of his home town looking for random inspiration and, so far, he's found plenty to keep him occupied. Armed with spray paint, stencils and a brilliant sense of humour, the daring artist has 'improved' street signs, drawn on pavements and eye bombed various everyday objects.

10. Nathaniel Russell (opens in new tab)

art installations 2013

We love the playful feel of this art installation

We instantly fell in love with this collection from illustrator Nathaniel Russell (opens in new tab). Creating surreal and often absurd characters and objects, Russell then cuts them out into wooden statues to be placed around various buildings. We love the playful feel of each creation - channelling the child-like creative spark we're all capable of.

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Have you seen an inspiring art installation? Be sure to let us know in the comments box below!

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