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net magazine reveals the top 10 mobile mistakes

The mobile web isn't what it should be. Doorslams, unoptimised images, poor navigation and a host of other design missteps conspire to make many websites difficult to use on mobile devices. This needs to change. In the 250th issue of net magazine, Dave Shea runs down a list of top ten mobile mistakes, explaining how each one causes problems and suggesting alternative practices.

Elsewhere in the magazine, you'll find tutorials on advanced responsive layout techniques, designing an app for iOS 7, handling JavaScript across responsive states and mastering CSS filters.

There's also a piece from Jeffrey Way, who explains that these days, contrary to popular opinion, PHP is actually a joy to use. And this month's interview is with iA founder and deep thinker Oliver Reichenstein.

Celebrating in style

To celebrate the 250th issue of net magazine, you'll also get a special supplement that contains top 50 web designers, agencies, sites, books and tools, which provides an overview of the people shaping the industry today.

On top of all that, there's also the usual mix of inspirational new work, practical advice, informed analysis and thought-provoking comment. So, what are you waiting for? Get the latest issue of net magazine now in your favourite format!